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Helping Seasun Entertainment to Create an Exquisite Experience for Players Everywhere
Seasun Entertainment (Kingsoft Games)
Customer Profile
Seasun Entertainment Studio (Kingsoft Games) is a digital entertainment interactive platform integrating web games, mobile game development, distribution and game platform operation. As a forerunner of the swordsman game genera, Seasun has been leading the martial arts games market for more than 20 years, with a total of more than 160 million registered users.
Why Wangsu

 As a leading Chinese culture themed game publisher in the industry, the number of users of the platform has seen continuous growth. With every increasing requirements for game experience from payers, the page loading speed directly affects the player retention rate, especially the sudden increase in traffic during game launch and promotion events, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability and availability of the platform.

 Based on Wangsu’s widely distributed node resources around the world, and in combination with the business characteristics of Seasun games, Wangsu has delivered a perfect game acceleration solution: while accelerating typical scenarios such as image resources, downloads and updates, it is also equipped with TBs of redundant resources, especially during new title release or major events in game, to alleviate the pressure on the source site and improve response speed. ensuring a better gaming experience for gamers around the world.

Highlighted Benefit
With the acceleration solution provided by Wangsu, Seasun Entertainment has rapidly established a high-quality and experience-rich gaming platform, enabling them to focus more energy on game innovation and platform operation to create more refined games.