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Technologies to Empower PING AN’s "Finance+Tech" Transformation
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
Customer Profile
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. is the first joint-stock insurance enterprise in China, and has developed into an integrated, close-knit yet diversified financial service group with financial insurance, banking, investment and other financial businesss. Ping An Group ranks 29th on the Fortune 2000 list in 2019, 7th on the Forbes Global 2000 list in 2019, and 9th on the Global Brand value 2020 list, ranking second in the global financial industry, Ping An is a recognized leader of global insurance brands.
Why Wangsu

 With the accelerated penetration of mobile Internet technology in the economy, the deep integration of online and offline channels in the financial industry, online marketing scenarios are ever more abundant, and providing a higher quality experience for a large number of online customers has also become one of the key factors affecting competitiveness.

 With the comprehensive transformation of the mobile Internet by Ping An Group, the online retail business has been vigorously developed based on financial technologies, and the number of online users has increased rapidly. For this reason, Wangsu has customized a complete set of security acceleration solutions covering the source site, transmission layer, all the way to the user devicel, providing comprehensive technical support in the aspects of fast delivery of static data, efficient transmission of dynamic business, and high availability of services. Wangsu also appoints professional financial services team for Ping An to provide 24x7 technical support for events such as major festivities to ensure the stable operation of its domestic and foreign business.

Highlighted Benefit
Based on the customized one-stop solutions and professional services provided by Wangsu, Ping An Group provides customers with safer, more stable and faster digital financial services, the online user experience has been greatly optimized, and customer retention and satisfaction have been significantly improved.