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Helping Huya to Create a World Class Live Streaming Platform
Huya Live
Live Streaming
Customer Profile
Huya Live (NYSE: HUYA) is one of the largest interactive live streaming platforms in China, with approximately 200 million registered users, covering more than 3300 games and hosting more than 100 e-sports events every year. Its content now consist of entertainment, variety, education, outdoor, sports and other diversified fields.
Why Wangsu

 As a symbol of China’s game live streaming platform, Huya has achieved non-stop broadcasting of e-sports events throughout the year. Huya also has a large group of users and streamers all over the world, and the network environment of each user can be very different, especially during the live streaming of large events, with viewers often approaching 10 million or beyond, a powerful and more stable live streaming platform is needed to better serve users.

 Based on the widely distributed node resources around the world, Wangsu has customized a live streaming distribution solution for Huya to enable global users to access nearby nodes, which effectively meets Huya's high requirements for video quality, latency and interaction, and helps Huya achieve the top indicators such as millisecond first screen load time, ultra-low latency and smooth support for tens of millions of concurrent online users resulting in TBs of traffic pressure.

Highlighted Benefit
With the live streaming distribution solution provided by Wangsu, Huya has created a leading audio-visual experience for its global live streaming users, enabling the platform to focus on high-quality content production and business development, and to create a world-class live streaming platform.