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Create a better digital experience covering user, vehicle, dealer, and manufacturer for GAC Honda.
Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., (GAC Honda)
Automotive Manufacturing
Customer Profile
GAC Honda is an motive company integrating production and sales, it is also one of the earliest automotive companies in China to launch a digital transformation initiative. In 2019, GAC Honda sold a total of 770000 vehicles, continuing to lead the industry with the performance of a top automotive brand.
Why Wangsu

 With the continuous development of the Internet and 5G, GAC Honda is actively promoting digital transformation, starting from marketing, operation to service, committed to providing customers with a better digital experience by expanding official websites, online retail platforms, social media and other channels to better engage with consumers.

 The network optimization solution is customized based on GAC Honda’s new "multi-channel, cross-device" marketing scenario. With the vast amount of Wangsu resources all over the globe, providing a better network transmission environment for GAC Honda's brand image and online event promotion, and easily cope with the rising traffic issues such as sales promotion and new vehicle launch. Meanwhile, Wangsu also provides comprehensive security protection services, preventing network attacks, ensuring data security, and enables enterprises to focus on their core business.

Highlighted Benefit
Based on the customized network optimization solutions and professional services provided by Wangsu, the availability, stability and security of GAC Honda's brand website, online retail platform and other marketing platforms have been significantly improved, attracting more consumers and establishing a closer relationship with them to drive business development.