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Helping Henan Broadcasting System to Create a National Media Convergence Benchmark
Henan Broadcasting System
Customer Profile
Henan Broadcasting System, which undertakes the task of county-level media convergence construction in Henan Province, provides the whole province with a complete set of business systems, such as command and control system, APP, and Wechat matrix to help various districts and counties with media convergence, and further enhance the appeal and influence of the party media.
Why Wangsu

 In the era of all-media communication, the construction of county-level media convergence centers has become a national strategy for media transformation. The transformation of media convergence is mainly reflected in the integration and innovation of new products, new technologies, new platforms and new ecology. The media convergence centers must meet the requirements of fast, mobile and multi-channel production and release of all-media content. Strong technical support system is the fundamental guarantee for its normal operation.

 In line with the needs of the industry, Wangsu has customized and implemented an one-stop solution for Henan Broadcasting System, which covers the upper and lower reaches of the information chain, collects content from various channels to the convergence side, and aggregates the media content into repositories through the media convergence center. after a series of processing, such as selection and deduplication, content censorship and mixed cataloging, after unified transcoding , content is distributed to each user. It not only meets the requirements of the integration, production and dissemination of all media resources, and realizes the interconnection of provinces, cities and counties at any time, but also can be customized according to different situations of each county and city, quickly deploy and adapt, and speed up the process of media convergence.

Highlighted Benefit
Based on the Wangsu media convergence solution, the provincial technology platform of Henan county-level media convergence centers was the first to pass the national standard acceptance and was rapidly deployed in more than 70 county-level media convergence centers in Henan province, thus becoming the "national" promotion model of the national media convergence center.