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New Retail Transformation to Empower Adidas with In-store Digital Experience
Customer Profile
Leading international sporting goods brand, one of the top 500 global enterprises, ranking number 3 in the "World's Top 50 Most Valuable Clothing Brands" list of 2019.
Why Wangsu

 At present, the original "people, goods, market" business scenario of the retail industry is undergoing deep changes, and the trends of channel digitization, payment mobility and behavior personalization are immensely prominent, and online marketing channels are increasingly important. In recent years, Adidas has been accelerating the deep integration of online sales, offline experience and modern logistics, and enabling the convergence of digital channels by focusing on the development of brand websites and strengthening the cooperation with third-party platforms.

 Due to Adidas’ significant brand awareness, massive customer base and highly sought after limited "popular style" items, once Adidas online mall initiates activities such as "seckilling" (deal sniping), concurrent website visits will increase sharply, which results in higher requirements for server concurrent processing capacity and resource reserves. In addition, the online platform will also face external network security threats such as malicious ordering and DDoS attacks.

 To this end, Wangsu provides Adidas with a security acceleration solution, which leverages technologies such as intelligent routing and private transmission protocols to improve the overall access efficiency and effectively alleviate the load pressure on the source site caused by the sudden increase in traffic during events, at the same time, it also provides professional security protection capability to prevent "scalpers" from malicious ordering, maximize user experience and ensure safe, stable and efficient operation of the business.

Highlighted Benefit
With Wangsu’s online security acceleration solution, Adidas completely improved the overall availability and stability of the online retail business system, ensuring a satisfactory user experience of online marketing channels, and enhanced brand reputation.