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In the Internet era of video explosion, the rapid development of live streaming, on-demand streaming, interactive streaming, VR, etc. require increasing amounts of network transmission. At the same time, users demand on video clarity, smooth video playback and multi-device video recording and uploading is placing strict requirements on the enterprise’s technical strength. Combined with today’s complex network environment, multi-device playback, high bandwidth costs and source site access pressure, enterprises are becoming overwhelmed. Wangsu’s one-stop solution addresses the “three highs” of high cost, high technical barrier and high latency.

Enhance multi-device access and 2K\ 4K viewing experience

Effectively mitigates illegal hotlinking

Respond to sudden access surge with ease, ensure the smooth operation of source sites


1. Globalized data storage service

Pervasive domestic and overseas resources facilitate video storage on a massive scale.

2. Comprehensive efficient transmission service

Support live streaming acceleration, VOD acceleration, uploading acceleration, mobile acceleration, peer-to-peer cloud transmission acceleration, and comprehensively guarantee fast and secure video transmission.

3. Rich and diverse business functions

Facilitate quick video quick startup, video encapsulation, watermarking, video transcoding, video secondary processing, video recording, storage, illegal content monitoring and copyright protection, supporting 4K video playback. And provide a comprehensive customization, stable and effective monitoring system. The quality of service is monitored and tuned during the process, in addition to support from a powerful background management system.

4. Multi-level video monitoring experience

In addition to traditional methods of monitoring, Wangsu can also monitor video streaming fluctuations, users’ playing fluency, playing errors and so on at the video streaming level, and improve user complaint handling efficiency.

5. Enhance user experience with multiple strategies

Support multiple displays with a single cloud platform, which ensures the optimal experience for PC, tablet and mobile end users. The FDN backward traffic solution can boost user-platform interaction

6. Wangsu hosted video cloud solutions

Wangsu’s hosted cloud service adopts customized configuration solutions to address the hosting needs of video source sites, raise customer resource utilization, as well as reduce customer procurement, management and operating costs.

Application Scenarios

The sudden increase in bandwidth caused by live streaming of important activities such as popular TV dramas resulting in high bandwidth costs;

Vast difference among video creator’s network environment, slow video uploads, resulting in customer churn

With the rapid development of the video industry, users’ demand for image quality is rapidly increasing

Acts of illegal hotlinking resulting in great losses to the enterprise;

Lack of effective video monitoring tools to respond to emergencies in a timely manner;

Challenges of high fluency, high definition, and multi-screen interaction.