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Stable and Reliable
Extensive global resources, high redundancy, more stable, global load, preventing single point of failure, ensure high reliability.
Customized Solution
Deeply aligned with the characteristics of the industry, provide government and enterprise, finance, e-commerce, media, gaming and other industry solutions, customized according to actual needs, with experts support throughout the entire process.
Whole Site Security Protection
Proprietary patented technology is combined with big data analysis and machine learning to build a multi-engine protection system, which defends all types of attacks such as DDoS, web attacks, and malicious crawlers.
Rapid Transmission
Full-link intelligent distribution, combined with dynamic and static separation, private protocol, intelligent routing and other technologies to achieve full-link efficient transmission.
Better Security with Exclusive IP
Customer resources in the platform are isolated from each other to meet a higher level of security requirements.


  • Transmission Acceleration

    Efficient content transmission is realized by intelligent separation of dynamic and static content, intelligent routing, protocol optimization and other technologies based on Wangsu’s CDN platform

    • Dynamic and static intelligent separation: static content intelligent distributed cache, dynamic intelligent selection of optimal link for return-to-source.
    • Intelligent routing: real-time detection of link quality throughout the network, select the optimal path, and realize smooth cross-network access.
    • Protocol optimization: proprietary private transmission protocol to achieve stable and fast data transmission.
  • Safety Protection

    Resist various network attacks such as DDoS and web application attacks in real time to ensure the smooth operation of the website

    • DDoS protection: combined with big data analysis and proprietary protection algorithms to detect and protect against various DDoS attacks in real time.
    • Web application firewall: “AI+ rule” dual-engine protection approach to protect against various web attacks in real time.
    • Malicious crawler protection: based on intelligence library, man-machine interaction, machine learning and other technologies, put an end to the threat of malicious crawlers.
    • DNS protection: provides 100 million-level QPS DNS Query attack protection.
  • Data Transmission Support

    Completely support HTTP2.0, content anti-hijacking and multiple anti-hotlink protection methods

    • HTTPS acceleration: fully support HTTP2.0,SNI shared IP, multi-certificate format, and solutions without private keys.
    • Content anti-hijacking: prevent hijacking and handle hijacking through URL encryption/dynamic eigenvalue check/MD5 check, etc.
    • Multiple anti-hotlink protection methods are supported: Referer anti-hotlink protection, Cookie anti-hotlink protection, IP access control, etc.
  • Convenient Deployment

    One-click access, 0 transformation of the existing architecture, 24x7 online support by experts to resolve issues in real time


Architecture Features

Direct user requests to better performing edge nodes and enable efficient data transmission through intelligent routing and private protocols; at the same time, security protection capabilities are introduced into the edge nodes to protect against network layer and application layer DDoS attacks, web attacks and malicious crawler attacks, and return normal user requests to the customer source site.


  • Finance
    Improve the efficiency of real-time market intelligence push, accelerate access to online banks/enterprise websites /credit card centers, protect against DDoS attacks and promotion exploits, attack and defense drills for specific scenarios.
  • E-commerce Platform
    Ensure the stability of e-commerce platform during major events, protect against exploits, prevent the disclosure of user/order/database information, defend against the threat of DDoS and web attacks.
  • Government Organs
    Targeted protection for major conferences and special events, real-time monitoring of security incidents such Trojans, hidden links, and sensitive keywords, to prevent disclosure of information from users and citizens, and to prevent tampering of websites.
  • Media & Informatiion
    Digitalization of traditional media UGC content intelligent audit; exclusive content anti crawling; IPv6 access compatibility.

Customer Cases

  • 家乐福
  • 欧莱雅
  • 星巴克
  • 安利
  • 光大证券