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Easily Cope with Traffic
Network-wide 15T + protection resources, single point 800Gbps; intelligent identification and analysis of attacks to resist DDoS and other complex attacks; accurate interception of malicious access.
Rapid Distribution
Global coverage of node resources, T-level redundancy to deal with emergencies, flexible expansion of game promotion; private transmission protocol, stable and extremely fast installation package distribution.
Better Experience
Compatible with TCP/UDP, and seamlessly connects with private protocols of major game vendors; real-time acceleration of game dynamic data; multi-link parallel transmission mode, stronger anti-jitter capabilities.
Full-link Anti-hijacking
The first kilometer, the middle kilometer and the last kilometer are all protected against hijacking; the success rate of preventing HTTP hijacking is as high as 99.8%.


Architecture Features

  • Based on the global coverage of node resources and intelligent scheduling system, it is easy to meet the needs of new service zones, new version launch, update package download, mass user access, etc.
  • High-quality BGP connection resources to minimize network latency and enhance players’ interactive game experience.
  • 4-7 layers of security protection capability to relieve customers’ worries about DDoS attacks and web application attacks.


  • Web Games
  • Mobile Games
  • Client Games
  • Game Marketing Promotion
    The websites of games often contain a large number of image and video elements, the solution uses whole site acceleration technology to enhance the access experience of the game promotion page.
  • Game Download
    Game update packages, and patch releases can cause the download traffic to surge, through download acceleration, users can greatly improve the download speed of game packages.
  • Game Interactive Experience
    Targeting the real-time interactive data in games, such as login, transaction, battle, and messaging, the application optimization technology based on TCP can accelerate the response of dynamic data.
  • Gaming Security
    The gaming industry is a major target for operator hijacking, tampering and hacking attacks. The Wangsu platform provides full-link anti-hijacking and security protection in real time.
  • International Gaming
    Cross-border transmission network conditions can be often complex and unstable. Based on Wangsu’s node resources all over the world, a coverage of 100+ operators ensure an optimal network access experience for players all over the globe and enable game releases to realize overseas growth with peace of mind.

Customer Cases

  • 完美世界
  • 游族网络
  • 搜狐游戏
  • 掌上新城
  • 4399游戏