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Global Coverage for Smoother Teaching
Global high-speed network coverage, nearby node distribution, and low latency interaction to ensure stable teaching experience even in remote areas.
Massive Resources to Cope with High Concurrency
Supporting high concurrent load of students, flexible expansion source site, millions of people online at the same time, facilitate stable access.
Rich Selection of Teaching Tools
Interactive live streaming, roll call and check-in, teaching whiteboard, rich teaching interaction tools and management tools.
Multi-device Applications, Cross-platform Support
Mobile phones, tablets and web pages can be used to launch live streams anytime and anywhere; extensive seamless access to API and SDK.


  • Education Organizations with Existing Online Platforms
  • Education Organizations without Existing Online Platforms

For education bureaus, audio-visual education libraries, schools and other educational organizations and various online educational institutions that already have online education platforms.

  • Rapid expansion of resources, easily deal with business concurrencies, powerful video distribution capability to create a very fast and smooth online classroom.
  • Simple configuration can provide core streaming media capabilities to the platform and quickly build an online classroom system.
Live Streaming Class

One-stop rapid deployment live streaming class. Push/access nearby nodes to reduce latency and ensure high definition viewing. Abundant bandwidth resources to support high concurrency.

Recorded Class

One-stop convenient and easy-to-use video editing and management platform to help record and stream classes online as soon as possible. Pre-cache the recorded class to the edge node and unload the pressure on the source site. Students visit nearby nodes and watch videos with a smooth experience.

Professional Video Processing

Extensive video processing functions to the real class scene. Diversified, real-time and efficient transcoding capabilities, combined with multi-terminal players to adapt to the playback needs of different networks and terminals. Multi-dimensional copyright protection to protect the security of video teaching content.

For schools and other educational institutions that do not have an online teaching platform, and various offline educational institutions:

  • One-stop setup of online classroom, and live streaming can be launched anytime and anywhere. Mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices are also compatible. Teachers and students can use it immediately, and it is easy to switchover from offline to online.
  • Rich teaching tools: interactive live streaming, roll call and check-in, raising hands to ask questions, teaching whiteboard and other educational interactions are more realistic; online answering of questions, correction, courseware management, teaching management is also more efficient.
Interactive Small Classes

Interaction between 2-13 people to facilitate more intimate teaching.

VOD Online Classes

Upload of recordings and recording live streams.

Online Live Streaming Classes

A teacher can be watched by unlimited students.

Online School System

Integrated online school portal and teaching management system

Conference and Workshops

Realtime audio/video for teaching workshops and distance tutorship

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