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Comprehensive Defense
Cloud big data analysis, multi-engine protection system, and network-wide interaction to cover the comprehensive security capability of network-application-business.
Reliable and Stable
Based on massive resources and unique transmission optimization technology, enhance the online access experience of government systems, and ensure the stability and efficiency of the service platform.
IPv6 Integration
Implement the action plan to promote the large-scale deployment of IPv6, provide an one-stop IPv6 upgrade plan, and complete the IPv6 upgrade with zero transformation of the source site.
Convenient Access, Ready to Use
Seamlessly connect to the security acceleration platform and enable cloud protection in seconds to enhance the website access experience.
24x7 Expert Service
Provide 24x7 technical expert operation service, with network-wide visualization dashboard to meet data visualization, risk early warning, work reporting and other business requirements.




  • Major Event Support
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Online Government
  • Security Incident Response

Regulations on Internet Security Supervision and Inspection of Public Security (decree No. 151 of the Ministry of Public Security): all government units are required to establish a defense system during the country’s major cyber security tasks, such as the two national sessions of NPC and CPPCC, the anniversaries for the founding of the party, the armed forces, and the National Day.

  • In line with the requirements of critical security policy, provide high-level network security protection service.
  • One-stop critical security service: Formulate the critical security plan early, and provide risk assessment and comprehensive testing. Provide various types of attack protection during major events, experts help to respond to various attacks, control developments in time, and provide cloud backup source at the same time. When the main source site goes down, users can instantly switch to Wangsu’s hosted cloud backup source. Provide emergency response page for the website to ensure the continuity, stability and high availability of source site business. Provide critical security summary reports at the end of event, as well as continuous security protection throughout the event.

The “Cyber Security Law" stipulates that the state shall implement a network security level protection system: network operators shall perform their security protection obligations in accordance with the requirements of the network security level protection system; “promote the Internet Protocol sixth Edition (IPv6) scale deployment Action Plan”: all subordinate units, subordinate universities and communications administrations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government to complete the transformation of the portal IPv6.

  • Meet the requirements of security protection level 2.0, provide equal security protection services in an one-stop manner, and comprehensively improve the security management level and technical capability of government websites on the basis of meeting the requirements of security protection level compliance.
  • Based on the dual protocol stack technology, Wangsu helps government websites to realize the dual-stack support of IPv4/IPv6 smoothly and quickly, and it can also help websites to address the open vulnerability issue in the transition period of IPv6.

The government service platform includes policy release, online reservation, online declaration, matter inquiry, consultation interaction and other service contents, which requires high security of data transmission, timeliness and stability of service response.

  • Dynamic and static content acceleration, intelligent routing, edge caching and other strategies to ensure that hot spots and new policies are released in time, the solution also helps to deal with sudden traffic surges.
  • Optimization of global network access, high-speed transmission of multi-connection BGP, flexible response to cross-network environment, and real-time stability of online government.
  • Full-link HTTPS acceleration is supported, and the protocol is transmitted in ciphertext to ensure the security of data transmission.

With the promotion of network security to the national level, the importance of government website security management and security protection has become increasingly prominent. Once network attacks, webpage tampering and other security incidents occur, it will cause serious loss of reputation and credibility to government authorities.

  • Real-time monitoring and intelligent mitigation of various DDoS attacks on edge security nodes (SYN Flood, UDP Flood, CC, etc.).
  • Adopt “intelligent rule library + AI” twin-engine defense architecture to provide protection against various security risks of common web applications.
  • Detect and block malicious crawler traffic in real time to prevent policy content and important information from government websites from being crawled illegally.
  • The use of the third generation of tamper-proof technology to prevent government websites from being implanted with illegal content, gambling links, Trojans and so on.

Customer Cases

  • 国家税务总局
  • 国家林业局
  • 教务部
  • 国家广播电视总局