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Better Website Performance
Combined with Wangsu’s proprietary private protocol, the solution can optimize data transmission and enhance the user experience of the brand official website and other external service platforms.
Comprehensive Safeguards
Sensitive data disclosure prevention services to protect online systems from common network attacks such as DDoS attacks.
Easily Deals with Concurrency
Integrated performance and security protection for new car release, members' day and other major events, reduce the pressure on the source site, seamlessly enable security protection, prevent malicious orders, illicit exploits and other security risks.
Application Acceleration for Efficiency
Support for acceleration of all applications based on transmission layer protocols, including OA, ERP, video conferencing, DMS dealer systems.
Convenient Networking
Provide a multi-scenario networking designs for the automotive industry, supporting zero-contact deployment and automatic configuration.


Architecture Features

  • Based on the intelligent separation acceleration and security protection technology, the access experience of the external service platform of automotive enterprises is enhanced, while providing the security protection defenses.
  • Secure high-speed networking between 4S stores/dealers and headquarters, DMS/CRM/EPC/ training courses and other data related to headquarters can be transmitted in high-speed channels to increase speed.
  • For R & D drawings, inventory query, form submission and other data transmission, combined with routing optimization, link optimization, protocol optimization, and content optimization technologies, effectively improve the access experience of SSL VPN and various business systems.


  • Experience Optimization of Brand Website, Custom E-commerce Business, etc
    Provide acceleration services for various of automotive companies' external service platforms, help users enhance their experience in online browsing (images, videos), APP/wallpaper/map downloads, booking test drives and other online scenarios.
  • Major Promotion Event Support
    Provide performance and security support for online major events such as new vehicle release and members’ day.
  • Telecommuting
    Many automotive enterprise has many distributed branches with their employee traveling frequently, the solution provides the enterprise office application acceleration, enhances the office efficiency.
  • Online Training, Video Conference
    Provide a variety of ways to meet the needs including online training, video conference in view of the wide distribution of sales personnel in the automobile industry.
  • Headquarter & Branches/4S Store Ad Hoc Network
    Provide safe and fast networking for automobile headquarter & branches / 4S stores / distributors, and provide acceleration and cost reduction as well as efficiency increasement with DMS system.

Customer Cases

  • 东风
  • 广汽本田
  • 长安汽车
  • 丰田汽车