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Easily Deals with Promotion
Massive resource reserves and flexible expansion. Effortlessly deal with the high concurrency or network security threats when online platforms engage in promotions or releasing popular products.
Comprehensive Security Protection
Provide a variety of security protection services, such as DDoS cloud mitigation and web application firewall, to help retail enterprises deal with various common network attacks with confidence.
Easy Live Streaming Process
One-stop access to live streaming, such as capture, push, real-time processing, distribution, and playback., to help retail enterprises start their live streaming journey with ease.
Efficient and Stable Transmission
Intelligent detection of platform-wide nodes, combined with private protocol transmission, intelligent calculation of the optimal access path to improve the efficiency of data transmission.
Visualized Controls
Centralized visual operation and maintenance platform, one-stop management of multi-branch store IT facilities, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation and management.
Zero Configuration Deployment
Support access methods based on public network and intranet transmission, zero deployment, plug and play, quickly establish the interconnection between headquarters and retail stores.


Architecture Features

  • Intelligent detection of platform-wide nodes, combined with private protocol transmission, and intelligent calculation of the optimal access path to improve access speed.
  • For scenarios such as major promotions, the solution combines flexible expansion of business bandwidth, multiple return-to-source strategies and high availability mechanism of source site to help customers cope with high concurrency easily and effectively, ensure user experience and business availability.
  • Establish an in-depth protection system from network security to business security to enable the normal development of business.
  • Cover key cities and regions, mainstream network operators to meet the rapid access demand of local retail stores.


  • Retail Chain
  • Restaurants
  • Clothing
  • FMCG
  • Jewelry
  • Performance Optimization of Brand Website, Custom E-commerce Business, etc.
    Provide performance optimization services for retail brand websites and custom e-commerce platforms to enhance members' online registration and query, online browsing, ordering, payment and other scenarios.
  • Major Promotion Event Support
    In platform promotion, popular product release and other scenarios, customers require pre-event activities to create publicity, and intelligent return-to-source control during the promotion to reduce the pressure on source site service and operations.
  • Platform Security Protection
    Protect against hacker attacks, malicious orders, illicit exploits and other security risks, seamlessly enable security protection.
  • Live Broadcast of Self-built E-commerce Platform
    Provides a complete set of live room building services from collection, streaming, distribution to broadcasting, reducing the technical threshold of live broadcasting business, and helping the platform quickly start the "livestreaming marketing" business.
  • Video Conference, Online Training, etc
    In view of the characteristics of the retail industry, such as frequent new training needs and wide distribution of sales personnel, Wangsu cloud online classroom can support multi person real-time audio and video interaction; it can also support the needs of wide distribution of employees and cross regional training interaction.
  • Store Ad Hoc Network
    Store staff access the headquarters application system through the Intranet; store equipment such as cameras, video recorders, etc., the headquarters O&M personnel hope to unify the management of each equipment under the store, to achieve rapid O&M.

Customer Cases

  • 迪卡侬
  • 欧莱雅
  • 星巴克
  • 安迪达斯
  • 安利