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Stable with High Availability
Unique protocol optimization, intelligent adaptation, efficient links and other proprietary technologies to meet the extreme performance requirements of financial services; Guaranteed high availability of source server to ensure peace of mind with business continuity.
Cloud+Network Protection
With a single-point discovery of attack, the system will respond with network-wide collaborative protection, providing cloud protection + existing network hardware to form a customized defense strategy and closed-loop mechanism.
Instant Access
With the integration of acceleration and security protection, the functions are activated in seconds without switching. With one click access, the user is not required to conduct any modification to their source site.
Comprehensive Defense
The security protection system provides network-application-business coverage, delivering comprehensive security safeguards.
Exclusive IP for Added Security
Customer resources are isolated from each other to meet higher security requirements.


Architecture Features

Based on Wangsu’s global intelligent platform, a comprehensive security defense system is created from multiple dimensions, such as user access experience, network transmission, source server protection, and security management, combined with big data analysis and platform acceleration. to help financial customers realize website security protection, business acceleration, and comply with industry regulation and industry standards.


  • Banking
  • Securities
  • Insurance

For the website of the banks, credit card centers, financial management/online shopping business, online banking/mobile banking and other business scenarios, the solution provides:

  • Comprehensive security capabilities covering network-application-business: protect shopping platforms from loophole exploits, prevent customer data disclosure, prevent financial information from being crawled, etc.
  • High availability guarantee: source site load balancing, orderly return-to-source, customized return-to-source, and effortlessly deal with high concurrency during promotion activities for banks.
  • Acceleration of access to external service websites: based on global node coverage and intelligent platform, the issues of wide distribution of bank users and large fluctuation of cross-provincial and inter-operator access network are addressed, efficient transmission of dynamic and static content is realized by means of intelligent routing, private protocol transmission, content compression, hierarchical convergence, customized cache, etc.

Focusing on market information system and trading system of the securities industry, the solution provides:

  • Acceleration of market information: efficient transmission of dynamic and static content through intelligent routing, private protocol transmission, content compression, hierarchical convergence, customized cache, etc.
  • Guaranteed transaction stability: reduce the impact of network issues on dynamic content and improve the success rate of user transactions through the optimization of transport protocols and efficient routing strategies, provide orderly queuing return-to-source and high-level user priority return-to-source functions to ensure the success rate of user requests during peak hours.
  • Information/analysis report, anti-crawling.

For scenarios such as online insurance platforms in the insurance industry, the solution provides:

  • Insurance/query business acceleration: through user input keyword prefetching and hot word intelligent adaptation system, query speed can be improved by up to 30%, enhancing user experience. Orderly return-to-source: reduce the pressure on the source site during peak periods, ensure the success rate of user requests during promotional events.
  • Disclosure prevention for insurance policies and user information: prevent perpetrators from stealing insurance policies and users’ sensitive information by means of web application attacks, reducing the selling of sensitive information and targeted fraud.
  • Insurance product information anti-crawling: prevent various insurance intermediaries and price comparison platforms from using crawlers with mass collection of product information, price and other information, waste server performance, affect business response speed, and even cause business interruption.
  • Anti-flooding of business interface: prevent policy submission interface, payment interface and query interface from being overused, resulting in business interruption of the platform.

Customer Cases

  • 中国银联
  • 中国建设银行
  • 东方证券
  • 海通证券
  • 光大证券