Integrated Deployment
Integrated deployment of software and hardware, efficient delivery, not only supporting pre-installation, out-of-the-box use, but also can be delivered on site according to user needs, providing a full set of original factory-level operation and maintenance services.
Secure, Reliable, Stable
Private hardware, independently controlled resources, flexible data disaster recovery to ensure enterprise data security and compliance, while providing multi-dimensional security protection capabilities.
Lower Barriers
Starting with 3 nodes, even the smallest cluster can provide full-stack cloud service capability, and users can choose flexibly according to their actual business needs.
Flexible Independent Expansion
Support flexible and independent expansion of computing, network, storage and other resources according to users' business needs without downtime.


  • Diverse Computing Services and Unified Resource Management

    Extensive optional computing services, and resource application, approval, release and management are carried out through a unified service interface

    • In addition to ordinary cloud servers, the solution also provides higher-performance GPU cloud servers and TianShu physical server. Apply, approve, release and manage resources through a unified service interface.
    • With efficient and intelligent scheduling, 500 high-standard cloud hosts s can be created and started concurrently within 3 minutes. Auto scaling, which can automatically adjust the scale of computing resources according to the load, and can also be flexibly expanded to the public cloud at the peak of the business.
    • Functional features such as snapshot/restore.
  • Enterprise Storage Solution, Storage Integration and Sharing

    Provide multiple types of storage based on enterprise-level distributed storage system

    • Based on enterprise distributed storage system, the solution provides many types of storage, including cloud hard disk, file storage NAS, object storage, and archive storage.
    • Proprietary storage convergence technology, which connects NAS storage, standard storage and archive storage from the bottom to realize the sharing of storage data. As long as it is written from one of the storage channels, it can be read out from any channel, eliminating the inefficient relocation of data.
  • Flexible and Secure Networking

    Support enterprise-level ultra-large-scale networking and flexibly build software-defined network infrastructure

    • Support enterprise-level ultra-large-scale networking, providing VPC, cloud load balancing, NAT gateway, VPN gateway, elastic public network IP and other multi-dimensional network products, and flexibly build software-defined network infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Container Cluster Management

    Provides enterprise container cluster management, based on Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Istio container technology ecosystem, fully integrate the underlying high-performance computing, storage and network capabilities, addressing the consistency problems of development, testing and production environment, and realize the rapid delivery of applications

    • Natively support micro-services, eliminating the orchestration of complex services, and enable traffic management and multivariate testing release.
    • Support one-click creation of container clusters, online upgrade and downgrading configuration, and rapidly increase and decrease of nodes with one click.
  • Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery System

    Multi-dimensional cloud security system, data backup and application-level disaster recovery integrated in a unified disaster recovery system

    • A multi-dimensional cloud security system, covering the bottom layer to the upper layer of IT, and provide web vulnerability scanning, host intrusion detection, access gateway, database audit, security risk awareness and other products.
    • An integrated disaster recovery system of data backup and application-level disaster recovery, and support disaster exercises at any time. RPO and RTO in minutes, achieve disaster recovery protection level 5 and above of GB/T 20988-2007.
  • Integrated Operation and Maintenance and Operation Service

    Unified cloud management platform to provide comprehensive cloud monitoring and log services

    • Unified cloud management platform, graphical self-service interface, easy to use. Provide multi-level account and permission control system, billing function, and enjoy the proven operation and analysis capabilities of similar public clouds.
    • Comprehensive cloud monitoring and logging services, covering host hardware monitoring, resource monitoring, network link monitoring, system monitoring and business monitoring. Centralized collection of management and business log data, real-time index processing.




  • Agile Standard Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Agile Standard Edition includes the full stack of IaaS and PaaS cloud service capabilities.
  • Adopt standardized hardware selection and integrated software and hardware delivery.
  • Starting with 3 nodes to provide a lightweight, easy-to-use cloud platform.
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dedicated cloud and edge cloud scenarios.
  • Enterprise Edition includes the full stack of IaaS and PaaS cloud service capabilities, configured with operations management platform and metering and billing module.
  • Supports users to flexibly choose hardware server selection and equipment obsolescence, and adopt flexible delivery methods.
  • Starting with 20 nodes, the platform comes with comprehensive functions.
  • Suitable for large dedicated cloud scenarios.

Customer Cases

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  • 中国长江三峡集团有限公司
  • 河南省广播电视台
  • 视睿科技
  • 广东工业大学