Smooth Upgrade
Support the smooth upgrade of website and APP from IPv4 to IPv6 quickly and efficiently without changing the network architecture of the customer’s source site.
Quality Assurance
Generally, the quality of IPv6 can be on par with that of IPv4. With the progress of the overall transformation of IPv6, the quality of IPv6 service will continue to improve.
Full Coverage of Resources
The Wangsu IPv6 resources have covered 31 provincial administrative regions across China, and can be flexibly expanded according to the flexible deployment of the business. The IPv6 network security protection capacity of the whole platform has reached 15T+.
Authoritative Recognition
The “Wangsu Shuangzhantong" software has obtained the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 certification issued by the international organization IPv6 Forum, it has also been selected as an excellent case of national-level IPv6 scale deployment.
Multi-scenario One-stop Support
Supporting cloud, local and other transformation methods, and supports the display of the IPv6 logo on the front page of the website to put an end to the “short comings" during the IPv6 transition period of the website.


Seamless Migration

Supporting seamless service upgrade of IPv6 under “zero modification” at the source site, barrier-free communication between IPv4 and IPv6 dual stacks.

IPv4 External Chain Rewriting

Through the proprietary external chain automatic rewriting technology, it is effectively compatible with the normal display and access of IPv4 external chain in IPv6 environment.

IPv6 Security Protection

Providing no less security than the existing security protection capability of IPv4, and supports cloud security protection such as DDoS protection, WAF protection, and business security. The IPv6 protection capability of the whole platform reaches 15T+.

Business Status Visualization

Provide visual analysis of IPv6 service and quality, and support multi-dimensional data analysis and display of IPv6 bandwidth, number of requests, visitor analysis, device distribution and performance analysis.

Customer Cases

  • 海通证券
  • 东方证券股份有限公司
  • 建信财产保险有限公司
  • 广电总局
  • 中国银联