Global Coverage
More than 300 global nodes are deployed, covering 160 large and medium-sized cities around the world.
Efficient Transmission
The stability and fluency of access to existing SSL VPN and office applications are significantly improved, and the average transmission speed can be increased by 100% and 300%.
One-stop Service
Telecommuting access tools can be provided, or existing remote tools can be accelerated for various office applications mapped to the public network.
Platform-wide Compatibility
Fully support Windows/MAC/Linux/Android/ iOS and other mainstream mobile device operating systems and supporting all browsers. Users can instantly access the business system anytime, anywhere.
Easy Deployment
Deploy software or hardware at HQ or cloud host, install client software at the staff side to quickly establish the remote system, public network CNAME access to enable access optimization in minutes.


  • High Performance Remote Access to Office Network

    Through the deployment of the CPE server in the enterprise headquarters, and the employee computer/mobile phone/tablet installs the SD-WAN software client/APP, to direct employee traffic into the nearby node of the SD-WAN global intelligent high-speed platform, which is forwarded to the enterprise headquarters at a high speed, so as to quickly realize the employees' remote and efficient access to the office intranet and access the intranet application.

    • Network-wide interconnection: SD-WAN global intelligent high-speed platform, with more than 300 nodes widely distributed around the world, covering major economic regions of the world.
    • Encrypted transmission: support IPSec/ AES256/ IKEV2/ PKI and other encryption methods to ensure end-to-end encrypted transmission, combined with user authentication, tenant isolation, host intrusion detection, port protection and comprehensive protection systems to prevent the risk of data disclosure.
    • High availability support: provide multi-level redundancy protection of CPE, POP nodes and links at the same time; intelligently detect global POP point routing, grasp network changes in real time, calculate the fastest access path through AI algorithm, and intelligently switch in case of congestion or failure.
    • Flexible management and control: the visual interface focuses on viewing, managing and controlling global network resources, and publishes applications, supports on-demand expansion and easily deals with the concurrent access of all employees.
  • Optimization of Enterprise Office Application

    For the enterprise's existing SSL VPN or various office applications mapped to public network access, Wangsu provides acceleration based on transmission layer protocols (TCP, UDP)

    • Multiple transmission optimizations: the combination of four WAN optimization technologies, namely route optimization, link optimization, protocol optimization and content optimization, significantly improves the speed and stability of dynamic data return-to-source interaction, and effectively improves the access experience of SSL VPN and various office applications.
    • Stable transmission support: multiplex transmission ensures that stable data transmission can be maintained when a certain path jitters, and data link redundancy packets can be realized for UDP data; for long connection service acceleration, the current latest path (delay, packet loss, etc.) can be refreshed in real time to ensure the stability of the current link quality and improve the anti-jitter performance of the link in long connection transmission.
    • Network high availability support: through multi-source load balancing, backup 00:00 delay switching, multi-group resource coverage and other strategies to ensure the stability of user access.
    • Visual display of operation data: visual portal platform providing services such as bandwidth traffic statistics, user distribution statistics, and log download, to help enterprises grasp the operation situation in real time.
  • Security Protection of Office Network and Business System

    End-to-end security protection is provided, including source site IP concealment, anti-tampering, IP blacklist and whitelist, and regional access control


  • Remote Office Access
  • SSL VPN Acceleration
  • Office Application Acceleration
  • Video Conference Acceleration
  • Office Network Acceleration

Remote Office Access

When the enterprise office system is deployed in the intranet and requires remote tools to access from the external network to the intranet, the telecommuting solution provides efficient deployment, stable and reliable remote tools to easily enable telecommuting:

  • Convenient access.
  • Full-link exclusive network transmission, secure and efficient.
  • Flexible expansion to deal with large concurrent access of all employees calmly

Customer Cases

  • 海信
  • 长龙航空
  • 高德置地
  • 华为
  • 喜马拉雅