Wangsu’s “Qisutong” is oriented towards manufacturing, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, energy, government, transportation, as well as other sectors, and applicable to enterprise office systems (OA, ERP and Mail), SaaS applications, remote office, mobile APPs, enterprise official websites, store POS systems, supply chain management systems, production and management systems etc.

Intelligent sensing, recognition, universal computing, and other communications and sensing technologies have been widely used in network integration. IoT requires smarter, faster and securer networks. With great insight into IoT’s high dependence on network state, “Qisutong” makes thorough analyses of business scenarios and application technologies and can provide customized solutions for IoT.

Application Scenarios

Thing-to-thing dynamic transmission of instructions.

API interface information calling of business platforms.

Interactive videos.

IoT equipment data collection and integration.

Edge computing demand in IoT business scenarios.


Technical Principles

By deploying Qisutong’s “Internet Access Engine” on IoT enterprise cloud platforms, calling businesses’ API interface data through the Qisutong high-speed platform, utilize transmission technologies and node resources on the platform to facilitate efficient access and meet the needs of business scenarios.

Through nearest access, dynamic routing and other technologies, safeguard timely instructions transmission and video transmission, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of business scenarios.

Through the edge computing nodes of the Qisutong platform, perform pre-computing and processing of collected data and offload source site pressures.


Smart homes, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent plant, energy monitoring, bike/auto-sharing, smart city, etc.

More Applications