Qisutong-Headquarters and Branches

Wangsu’s “Qisutong” is oriented towards manufacturing, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, energy, government, transportation, as well as other sectors, and applicable to enterprise office systems (OA, ERP and Mail), SaaS applications, remote office, mobile APPs, enterprise official websites, store POS systems, supply chain management systems, production and management systems etc.

In the era of economic globalization, enterprises have branches all over the world, and “Qisutong” can effectively solve the problems of network congestion,narrow bandwidth per capita, network instability and difficult networking that happen as enterprises undertake office work worldwide.

Application Scenarios

SaaS service access accelerator Such as: Cloud ERP, Cloud CRM, Cloud Database, etc.

Enterprise office system accelerator Such as: OA, CRM, Mail, VPN, etc.

Enterprise business system accelerator Such as: ordering system, financial system, DMS, etc.

Rapid transmission of large files Such as: large office documents, audiovisual files, installation packs, etc.

Enterprise intranet and extranet SVN-assisted office accelerator

Enterprise private line networking optimization services


Technical Principles

Static Content Accelerator
“Accelerator Engines” are deployed on LAN. The accelerator engines makes local cache delivery of HTTP access-based static hotspot data and thus achieve the effect of acceleration.

Enterprise Office System Accelerator
Incollaboration with dense node resources, “Qisutong”’s high-efficiency transmission platform allows users to access nearby nodes. Through intelligent routing, protocol optimization, link optimization, data optimization and other transmission technologies, it provides quick access to office systems.

File Transmission Security
With private protocol DTP、high-efficiency compression, block transmission, security encryption and other proprietary technologies, Wangsu products and services maintain a high level of file security.

VPNNetworking Services
Support flexible networking in site-to-site, remote access and end-point-free operations, ensuring both speed and security.

Private Line Networking Optimization
Bydeploying a multi-level “Internet access engine”, it is possible to facilitatemulti-level cache of static hotspot data on the intranet and reduce thebandwidth occupancy rate of dedicated lines, while achieving the accelerationeffect.


Manufacturing, communications, information technology, SaaS services, education, finance, energy, etc.

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