Qisutong-Enterprise Video

Wangsu’s “Qisutong” is oriented towards manufacturing, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, energy, government, transportation, as well as other sectors, and applicable to enterprise office systems (OA, ERP and Mail), SaaS applications, remote office, mobile APPs, enterprise official websites, store POS systems, supply chain management systems, production and management systems etc.

These include enterprises’ online product promotions, live broadcasting, online training and etc. Corresponding solutions are provided to enterprises to address poor cross-regional access, poor peak hour access, slow cross-operator access, network hijacking, network security and other issues often associated with their networks.

Application Scenarios

Interactive live streaming of audios and videos.

Dynamic instructions delivery.

Slow login and slow payment.

Slow barrage subtitles/message delivery.

Encountering DDoS attacks, Web attacks, etc.


Technical Principles

Quick access through Qisutong’s high-speed forwarding platform, and provide users with accelerated access to interactive live broadcasting, dynamic game instructions, login, payment, chat room and other services

Through the Qisutong platform’s multi-level node connection multiplexing and message subscription modes, reduce source site pressure and bandwidth costs, as well as the quick delivery of barrage subtitles and messages.

Once connected with the Qisutong platform, source sites will be concealed. The Qisutong platform will protect against DDoS, CC and other attacks so as to safeguard source site security.


Online education, enterprise online training, and video conferencing.

More Applications