Qisutong-Enterprise Parks

Wangsu’s “Qisutong” is oriented towards manufacturing, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, energy, government, transportation, as well as other sectors, and applicable to enterprise office systems (OA, ERP and Mail), SaaS applications, remote office, mobile APPs, enterprise official websites, store POS systems, supply chain management systems, production and management systems etc.

In enterprises’ production manufacturing parks, office campuses or independent office buildings where networks are deployed, “Qisutong” can provide a customized accelerator for accesses to enterprises’ SaaS applications and extranet, in relation to enterprises’ network characteristics and business logic

Application Scenarios

SaaS service access accelerator, such as cloud ERP, cloud CRM, cloud databases, etc.

Extranet access accelerator, such as access of domestic and foreign websites, audiovisual websites and other third-party websites.

Rapid transmission of large files Such as: large office documents, audiovisual files, installation packs, and other downloads.


Technical Principles

Deploy Qisutong’s “Internet Access Engine” in the park LAN. Based on the HTTP Protocol, extranet texts, pictures, audios, videos, mobile applications and static data which are frequently accessed by employees are cached on “Internet Access Engine”. This will enable employees to access them via LAN, thus increasing the speed of access.

Nearest access points can be allocated for dynamic data through “Qisutong”s accelerator platform. With dynamic routing, protocol optimization, link optimization, data compression and other technologies, SaaS services and extranet sites can be quickly accessed, thus improving enterprises’ network processing efficiency


Manufacturing, education, finance, hotels, foreign trade, automotive, government, and etc.

More Applications