Qisutong-E-Commerce Platforms

Wangsu’s “Qisutong” is oriented towards manufacturing, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, energy, government, transportation, as well as other sectors, and applicable to enterprise office systems (OA, ERP and Mail), SaaS applications, remote office, mobile APPs, enterprise official websites, store POS systems, supply chain management systems, production and management systems etc.

Against a background of the new age of retail, e-commerce has become one of the important channels for enterprises to promote and sell their products. The stability, security, access speed and use experience of an e-commerce platform will all have a tremendous influence on users’ purchase decisions. Qisutong can effectively help e-commerce enterprises to easily cope with seckilling, regional promotions, product promotions and other events.

Application Scenarios

Slow third-party payment APIs in e-commerce businesses.

Slow uploading and upload filtering of product photos and promotional videos for display on e-commerce platforms.

Slow access and content security issues with enterprises’ websites.


Technical Principles

Payment API Accelerator
By deploying Qisutong’s “Internet Access Engine” device in enterprise LAN, the data called by the payment API can be quickly accessed via Qisutong’s high-speed forwarding platform, thus enhancing payment efficiency and user experience.

Delivery Accelerator
Through allocating nearest access points, dynamic routing and other transmission technologies, ensure quick access to e-commerce websites for users.

File Filtering
AI module-based functions of intelligent identification of pornographic, terrorism and sensitive political contents.

Video Uploading
Through Wangsu’s proprietary DTP (Data transfer protocol), efficient compression, block transmission, security encryption and other patented transmission technologies, accelerate the uploading of product photos and promotional videos.

Security Protection
Qisutong supports 10 Tbps-level protection against DDoS and CC attacks, as well as source site concealment and other security protection capacities to safeguard the stable operation of source sites.


Department stores, supermarkets, retail and brand e-commerce.

More Applications