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Multiple Tampering Protection Technologies

Real-time blocking of access to immediately prevent tempering by hackers, event trigger mechanism to rapidly remove tampered pages, automatic recovery for quick recovery of tempered pages.

Safe and Reliable Publication of Files

Integrated automatic page publishing to reduce manual intervention, adopting secure encrypted transmission to ensure the integrity of website content, rapid synchronization and incremental release to increase the frequency of content synchronization.

Rapid Deployment

Distributed deployment, unified and centralized management. Supporting all mainstream operating systems, ideal for all types of websites. Flexible policy management to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance


Documents Protection

Supporting all types of webpage formats, including various dynamic and static page scripts. Multi-level folder protection and large-scale continuous tampering attack protection.

Website Operation Safeguard

Monitor the running status of the server system to protect the relevant critical configuration files of the web server from being tampered with. Flexible policy management, suitable for anti-tempering deployment of various types of websites.

Incremental Release Secure

Automatic upload and incremental release of web files without manual intervention; rapid synchronization of remote files and resume upload from breakpoints, greatly increasing the maintainability of the website.

Log Event Alerts

Maintain records of the running status of the service, as well as the audit log of the system’s own operation; real-time records of files being attacked, and supporting a variety of alert methods


Three easy steps to anti-tempering:

Center Server
Deployed on an independent PC server, it is mainly used for user management, strategy distribution, log monitoring and issuing security strategies of each monitoring client.

Monitor Client
Installed on the website server, it is mainly used to monitor the attack status of the site, implement the strategies configured by the center server, and effectively prevent all types of tampering attacks.

Deployed on an independent PC server or on the center server, it is mainly used for synchronous updates of webpages, deployed in the intranet environment, and does not open any other ports to the outside world.


  • Government
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Content Violation
    Implanted with illicit content resulting in damaged public image.
  • Hidden/Dark Links
    Implanted with pornographic or gambling content links, resulting in risks of breaking laws and regulations.
  • Trojans and Viruses
    Implanted with Trojans and virus programs that could harm user interest.