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Diverse Presentation

In addition to text, it also supports diverse media content such as video, image, and audio are supported, providing users with a stronger sense of interaction and participation.

Easy Release

Does not require any development, users can initiate mass messaging through the Web platform. For customers with development capabilities, APIs are also provided.

Multi-device Support

Content can be sent to users via SMS, which is not restricted by device. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

Quality VIP Service

One-to-one dedicated customer service manager, instant response, 24x7 online service.


Rapid Delivery of Video Messages

Support the rapid release of short messages of video, image, audio and other content, providing an effective channel for the promotion of enterprise product and brand marketing.

Self-Service Platform

Provide a Web backend for customers to submit SMS messages in an uniform manner, customize SMS templates, set mass sending tasks, easy to use.

Result Feedback

Provide SMS arrival rate and link click rate to help customers obtain firsthand data of release results.


  • New Product Release
    The release of new films, the promotion of new insurance products, etc., can use video messages to accurately deliver brand image and marketing content to the target audience.
  • Brand Promotion Activities
    Events such as Tmall “11-11" promotion, and other enterprises with promotional discounts can send marketing content to the target audience through video messages.
  • Public Service Announcements
    For example, the Tourism Bureau can publicize its own content to the public through video messages to attract tourists and enhance the reputation of scenic spots.