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Global Coverage

1500+ nodes deployed around the globe to ensure that users access trough nearby nodes. 100+ global collaboration operators, covering more than 70 countries and regions.

Intelligent Scheduling

Proprietary NGB scheduling system, real-time adjustment of scheduling strategy, precise scheduling to assign optimal nodes to users to ensure access quality.

Stable and Reliable

Support connection reuse and orderly queuing for return to source. Ease the pressure on the source server during the concurrent access periods, easily cope with the sudden increase in bandwidth consumption, and ensure high-quality service.

Specialized Operation Analysis

Powerful log calculation and other data analysis and visual operation analysis.


Full Link Support for HTTP2.0

Greatly shorten the SSL handshake time and data processing time, and improve the speed of website access.

File Prefetching

When the new file is cached on the edge node in advance, when the user requests the file for the first time, the node responds directly to the user without having to go back to the source, which solves the problem of long response time for the first access of the new file to the source. At the same time, it also prevents a large number of new file requests from overloading the source server.

Image Processing

Provide common image services such as format conversion, cropping, scaling, rotation and watermarking to reduce the proportion of return to source requests, and carry out intelligent image adaptation output with nearby nodes to improve the speed of page access.

Instant Disaster Recovery Switchover

When there is a problem with the customer’s source server, the web page acceleration system blocks the faulty source in real time and automatically switches to the backup source to obtain resources without any delay and no perception of the end user.


Widely used for website applications in various industries, including portals, e-commerce, gaming, information, UGC community and other business scenarios. It can also be used for static resource acceleration of all types of APPs:

  • Accelerate the distribution of static web resources, such as html, css, js, img.
  • Cache page resource updates to the entire network to reduce the concurrent pressure of source site access.
  • Compress and optimize large images of the webpages, instantly loading content, and further shorten the response time of the page.

Customer Cases

  • 腾讯
  • 网易
  • 百度
  • 哔哩哔哩
  • 今日头条