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Monitoring Network with Global Coverage

With Wangsu’s distributed monitoring network all over the world, all monitoring nodes can be allocated dynamically to meet the monitoring needs of different channels and different regions, and provide a strong basis for scheduling decision-making.

Accurate Scheduling

Accurately identify the source request, schedule directly according to the user IP, direct user access to the best service node to improve access speed and experience.

Easy to Use and Cost Reduction

Load balancing and traffic distribution can be completed in a few simple steps, without the need for equipment and professional operation and maintenance personnel, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of deployment, reduces IT investment, and accelerates business launch.

Flexible Configuration

Provides Restful API, deep integration with user business. Supporting customized API according to business characteristics to make scheduling configuration more flexible. Custom channel support.


  • Global Load Balancing

    Multiple hosts (source servers) can be assigned to the same channel to form a load balancing group (with customizable load ratio), which enables weighted or round robin load balancing, connecting the distributed source servers as a whole entity.

    • Dynamic load balancing.
    • Weighted load round robin.
    • Intelligent channel scheduling.
  • Multi-channel Traffic Management, Zone/Operator Return to Source

    Return to source in accordance with different regions and nearby nodes, accurate traffic distribution, avoid cross-network access, enabling the smoothest access experience.

    • Channel segmentation by operator and region.
    • Customized channels.
    • Support a variety of scheduling switching rules (manual, automatic).
  • Health Check

    Massive distributed monitoring network, monitoring by the minute, providing an accurate basis for scheduling decisions.

    • Intelligent selection of monitoring points.
    • Three health check methods: ping, TCP and HTTP (s).
    • Automatic fault alerts.
    • Support Wechat, email, and internal message alerts.
  • Intelligent Switchover of Active and Standby Nodes

    Locate source site faults rapidly with distributed monitoring, multi-level backups for a variety of requirements.

  • CDN Fusion Backup

    CDN vendor intelligent interactive backup, well orchestrated management to improve service effectiveness.

  • Scheduling Reports

    Detailed information on scheduling strategies, resources and monitoring rules. Real time access of source site cluster status, faults, and scheduling switchover records, a comprehensive service for domain name availability with intuitive access.


  • Can be used with Wangsu cloud resolution or other resolution services.
  • The monitoring cluster initiates health checks to the source site through monitoring machines deployed around the world.
  • The cloud scheduling center returns the best resolution result according to the health status and scheduling strategy, and realizes the automatic dynamic adjustment of domain name resolution.
  • Ideal for mass traffic load balancing, multi-level disaster recovery and hybrid cloud fusion during peak business periods.

Customer Cases

  • 新华网
  • 安利
  • 平安集团
  • 广发银行
  • 安图生物