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Rapid Resolution

The cluster of DNS servers covers 70 + countries all over the world, with the access latency of domain name resolution significantly reduced. Overseas resolution based on IPv6 BGP Anycast further improves the speed of resolution.

Highly Accurate Smart Resolution

Based on the rich node resources and IP library, the resolution channel can be customized according to specific requirements. The resolution channel can be as specific to provinces and operators for domestic business, and to countries, autonomous prefectures overseas. The IP library is updated daily, with a resolution accuracy of more than 99.9%.

Security Protection

Protection against DNS attacks with high traffic levels to protect websites or application services.

O&M Free Solution Deployed in Seconds

In the self-help operation interface, users can modify the domain name configuration in batches and deploy to the DNS server in seconds; nearly 20 years of operation and maintenance experience ensures stable DNS service and rapid response to issues, offering peace of mind.


  • Smart Resolution

    Smart domain name resolution according to the geographical location of visitor access, providing faster and more accurate resolution.

    • Overseas resolution is based on IPv6 BGP Anycast, which uses routing metrics to reach closer destination hosts, and the resolution speed is significantly improved.
    • Multiple record types (A, MX, CNAME, TXT, URL forwarding, NS, etc.) are supported, and AAAA resolution in IPv6 environment is supported.
    • Support PTR record reverse configuration.
    • Support resolution record release of scheduled tasks.
  • Batch Domain Name Management

    Batch domain name management to improve efficiency.

    • Add, modify, delete, resolve and manage domain names in batches, start and stop, set up, authorize business, transfer ownership, etc., and deploy to DNS server in seconds.
    • Introducing business authorization to improve the efficiency of domain name management and realize “hierarchical authorization and unified management”.
  • Load Balancing

    Manage the load of multi-IP, multi-region, multi-operator, multi-vendor, etc.

    • Multi-node load balancing for resolution records, and supporting the resolution of data centers where multiple IP addresses may be distributed in different regions, different operators and different vendors.
    • Weight resolution: multiple A records or CNAME records can be configured on the same host and on the same channel, and different weight ratios are set for these IP addresses, so that when users access the same application service domain name, multiple IP addresses bear user access requests in a certain proportion, thus enabling static load balancing of the business.
    • Dynamic traffic scheduling: CLB technology is used to provide efficient and stable global traffic, and different regional access traffic is allocated to the optimal node according to the demand.
  • DNS IPv6 Support

    Support IPV6 environment resolution, including domain name AAAA source server record configuration and IPV6 DNS authoritative resolution, which can be monitored through the "National IPV6 Development Monitoring platform.

  • Domain Name Operation Audit

    Diverse domain name operation audit, all the user operation records on the platform can be queried, including any changes to the domain name management and resolution records, and the resolution changes will be notified by email.

  • DNS Monitoring

    Provide GTM based detection methods including ping, TCP, and HTTP (s), the monitoring machine detects the availability of the source server every minute, and realizes the high availability and intelligent scheduling of the resolution source server.


  • The user device browser enters the domain name of the website, and the browser sends the domain name resolution request to the local DNS server.
  • When the local DNS server are unable to query IPs, a domain name resolution request is sent to the host cloud for resolution.
  • The web-based cloud resolution system intelligently returns the IP address of the website according to the visitor’s geographical location and operator, and avoids the upward iterative query process to improve the resolution speed.
  • With cross-operator and cross-border resolution, the resolution effectiveness becomes increasingly significant.

Customer Cases

  • 华为
  • 国家广播电视总局
  • 网易
  • 东方证券
  • 人民网