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High Availability

The service adopts a triple node hot standby architecture, with active nodes switches access to the standby node in seconds when active node becomes unavailable, no manual operation is required.

Highly Scalable

The size of storage space can be expanded at any time in response to data growth. When storage capacity becomes insufficient, it can be expanded with one click in the console. The user does not have to focus on underlying implementation, enabling convenient and fast scaling.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Multi-dimensional performance monitoring combined with alert features provide users with peace of mind.

Highly Security Level

Running on a private network with the user networks isolated from each other. Featuring IP whitelist access control, where only IPs from the whitelist can access the database instance; the platform has passed many authoritative security level certification such as Security level 3.


Flexible Scaling

Support various memory specifications, and instance memory specifications can be upgraded according to the actual business scale.

Data Backup and Recovery

Database data can be backed up at any time, and backup data can be automatically uploaded to object storage.
Users may restore a new database instance using backup files.

Multi-dimensional Monitoring

Provide a full range of monitoring data and indicators, users may view monitoring data recorded in the last 6 months, and display it in a chart to demonstrate the dynamic performance of the instance anytime, anywhere.

Support Replica Set and Cluster Architectures

Triple node replica set architecture, with three data nodes located on different physical servers, automatically synchronizes data. If the primary node is not available, the system will automatically switch to a standby node to continue to provide services.

Cluster architecture, shard server adopts triple node replica set architecture, which is known to be reliable and stable. The system can flexibly configure the number of proxy service (mongos), and dynamically expand the storage space and read-write performance of the database system.

Data Security Guarantee

Data persistence mechanism provides high-speed read and write capability for data persistence.

IP whitelist access control: only Ips from the whitelist can access the database instance.

Running on private network to ensure higher levels of data security.

Access link SSL encryption, DDoS cloud mitigation and other security capabilities combined with the capabilities of the Wangsu platform.


  • Gaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Gaming requirements change rapidly, MongoDB does not have a fixed schema thus users do not have to change the table structure, which helps shorten development time.
  • MongoDB can also be used as a cache server to provide customers with diverse query methods.
  • The cluster architecture is adopted to avoid service interruption caused by a single point of failure and to meet the high availability requirements of gaming.
  • Offering incremental backup, and can be restored from any point in time of backup to provide game rollback support.
  • For scenarios with high concurrent user access in video conferencing systems, cloud database MongoDB can create a distributed database cluster through sharding to meet the high performance requirements.
  • To support the large amount of data storage during interaction of the video conference system, the storage capacity supports horizontal expansion.

Customer Cases

  • 聚好看
  • 易网聚鲜