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High Availability

The service adopts dual-machine hot standby architecture, with active and standby nodes featuring anti-affinity control. Automatic fault detection switches access to the standby node in seconds, no manual operation is required.

Highly Reliable

The data is stored persistently, and the data in memory is regularly stored in disks to prevent data loss when the system is down. Regular automatic backups and a brand-new instance can be restored to ensure the reliability of the data.

High Performance

All the hot data is accessed through memory and thus not restricted by disk IO, which greatly improves the read and write performance. A single thread provides more than 10W of high QPS, to meet high concurrency scenarios.

High Security Level

Running on a private network with the user networks isolated from each other. Featuring IP whitelist access control, where only IPs from the whitelist can access the database instance; the platform has passed many authoritative security level certification such as Security level 3 authentication, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification and other certifications.


Dual-machine Hot Standby Architecture

Dual-machine hot standby setup automatically synchronizes data, when the master node fails, the system automatically switches over to the standby node to continue to provide services.

Flexible Scaling

Support various memory specifications, and instance memory specifications can be upgraded according to the actual business scale.

Data Security Guarantee

Data persistence mechanism provides high-speed read and write capability for data persistence.

IP whitelist access control: only Ips from the whitelist can access the database instance.

Running on private network to ensure data security.

Access link SSL encryption, DDoS cloud mitigation and other security capabilities combined with the capabilities of the Wangsu platform.

Parameter Configuration

The console can configure relevant parameter values independently, and the configuration generation template can be applied to other database instances.


  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Video Streaming
  • Effectively reduce the complexity of system development and accelerate game development.
  • Effectively address high concurrent requests during peak operations, easily expand the capacity, and ensure the high availability of games.
  • Product display page, shopping recommendations and other data are stored in Redis for rapid access, especially during large-scale promotion seckilling scenarios where the system experiences a large amount of concurrent access in a short period of time, and common databases may not be able to cope with the massive access pressure. Redis is used to accelerate access and effectively improve data reading capacity.
  • Video streaming can make use of the rich data types of Redis to store various types of data, such as user data, watchlist data and latest comment data to improve the interaction speed.
  • Traffic concurrencies often occur during video streaming. A single threat with Redis provides more than 10W of high QPS, and supports online capacity expansion to meet the requirement of low latency and high concurrency.

Customer Cases

  • 易网聚鲜
  • 听伴