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High Availability

Dual-machine hot standby architecture, which can be switched in seconds in case of failure, improves service availability and ensure stable operation of business.

Safer Operations

Encrypting the transmitted data based on IKE and IPsec provides a telecommunication grade high reliability mechanism to ensure the stable operation of VPN gateway services from three aspects: hardware, software and link.

Low Cost

Using the Internet to build a special channel for VPN with relatively low cost.

Easy to Use

Ready-to-use, fast deployment and real-time effectiveness. Users can complete configuration by simply configuring the VPN devices in the users’ datacenter.


Connect The Data Center To The Cloud

Support access from the user’s local data center to Wangsu VPC to meet the flexible and scalable needs of applications and services.

Establish A Secure Traffic Tunnel

With professional VPN hardware, establish a secure and reliable three-layer tunnel, as well as VPN access services based on the Internet .


Use Internet to build a dedicated VPN channel, which has relatively lower cost of utilization, supporting on-demand purchase and instant activation.


  • Rapid Creation Of Hybrid Cloud
  • Remote Disaster Recovery And Data Backup
  • The IPsec tunnel establishes an encrypted tunnel for communication based on the Internet , which is simpler and less time-consuming, able to very quickly connect the enterprise datacenter with the network on the cloud to build a hybrid cloud.
  • For remote disaster recovery, with relatively low quality requirements and remote backup with relatively small data flow, the encrypted communication tunnel established by user IDC and VPC can be carried out through IPsec tunnel service, which is secure and convenient.

Customer Cases

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