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The purchased Flexible public network IP can be applied to any cloud server/load balancer and other resources, and can be purchased on demand.

High Availability

In case of a failure in cloud server, users may activate a backup cloud server and re-associate the flexible public network IP to the backup cloud server to resume business.

Low Cost

Payment by traffic, with discount price for annual or monthly payment plans.

Easy To Use

Deployed in seconds, ready-to-use.


Flexible and Independent Public Network IP Resources

Flexible usage, unbinding takes effect in real time.

Flexible Management

Purchase on demand, instantly activated, and support real-time bandwidth adjustment.


Monitor the bandwidth and traffic of public network data reception and transmission, adjust the timeframe to view resource consumption at different time periods.


  • Bind the flexible public network IP to the cloud server, NAT gateway, VPN gateway or load balancer, enable these resources to connect to the Internet.

  • Interact with the public network without any SNAT/DNAT address conversion, addressing the requirements of large bandwidth and low latency.

Customer Cases

  • 长虹电器
  • 海信集团
  • 广东省广告集团
  • 长安汽车
  • 环球易购