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Secure Isolation

Ensure layer 2 and layer 3 network isolation between tenants to meet the high-level security isolation requirements of financial and government users. Internal and external network isolation. Through firewall policies and security groups, traffic is filtered from the host and subnet dimensions respectively, which can be accurately configured to the port and protocol to address the needs of business security isolation.

Flexible Configuration

Software-defined network, which can customize network segment division, custom access control policies and support shared bandwidth between multiple machines, improve bandwidth utilization and reduce cost.

Convenient Expansion

Supports the combined use of multiple products (Flexible Public Network IP, VPN Gateway, NAT Gateway, Load Balancing) to easily manage public network entrances and exits and implement hybrid cloud architecture

Streamlined Operation And Maintenance

Custom network segment division, creating subnets and configuring gateways and other operation and maintenance management through the console, eliminating the need to purchase hardware equipment, save costs and simplify work process


  • Dual Layer Logic

    Isolation 100% isolated and secure network environment based on Wangsu cloud computing

    • Complete isolation between VPCs: use Vlan protocol to isolate each VPC network, and ensure layer 2 logic isolation between different VPCs.
  • Custom Network Environment

    Customize IP address ranges, network segments, routing tables and gateways to plan and manage the network as needed

  • Access Control

    Flexible access control for various business scenarios

    • Security group: with the security group feature, cloud servers in the network can be divided into different network security domains, and security group rules can be defined in individual security domains.

    • ACL: network ACL is a subnet-level stateless optional packet filtering virtual firewall that is used to control the data flow in and out of the subnet, down to the protocol and port levels.

  • Public Network Access Management

    Support external access of cloud servers without public network IP through NAT gateway

  • Create a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    The VPN gateway can be used to interconnect user's data center or office network to establish hybrid cloud services

    • VPC peering connection: through Ipsec tunnel service, VPC peering connection between different regions and different users can be realized, which supports the interconnection of user networks on cloud computing.

    • Hybrid cloud architecture: communication between VPC on the cloud and intranet servers can be realized through dedicated connections, which makes it easy to build a hybrid cloud.


  • High Level Security Isolation Network
  • High Speed Data Exchange On & Off Cloud
  • Bandwidth Sharing
  • 100% network isolation between different users to meet high-level security isolation requirement of users in financial, government services and other industries. Ensure data security.
  • Support user-defined VPC configuration, custom network segment division and custom access control policy.
  • Place the internal core system and core data in a custom datacenter to ensure the security of the core data.
  • Applications for external customers are deployed on the cloud, and VPC ensures 100% network isolation between users to cope with the surge in business access in real time.
  • Secure interconnection with IDC can be achieved through a software-defined VPN gateway without purchasing hardware equipment.
  • Through the combined use of flexible public network IP, VPN gateway, NAT gateway, load balancing and other products, public network entrances and exits are easily managed in a hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Multiple servers in the private network may actively access the Internet while preventing the public network IP of these servers from being exposed on the public network.
  • Bandwidth sharing is supported. Resource sharing within VPC uses multiple flexible public network IPs, to reduce the peak and trough effect and effectively reduce costs.

Customer Cases

  • 长虹电器
  • 海信集团
  • 广东省广告集团
  • 长安汽车
  • 环球易购