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Widely Shared

A single file system can be mounted to multiple clients for shared access and synchronized updates.

Highly Reliable

99.9999999% data reliability, greatly save maintenance costs and reduce data security risks compared with custom NAS storage.

Flexible Scaling

Flexible expansion of storage space, expanding to petabytes with one click, also supporting dynamic scaling of storage space as business writes or deletes data, making it easy to cope with business changes.


Shared files can be simultaneously mounted to Windows or Linux OS.

Easy To Use

SMB and NFS protocols are supported, and the standard Posix interface is used to access the file system.

Diverse Specifications

Basic NAS and NAS are available, NAS comes in capacity, capacity-enhanced and SSD performance options to address different business scenarios.


Flexible Scalability

The capacity of the file system can be flexibly expanded, dynamically expanded/reduced at any time as the business grows, and the process is completely transparent to the application.

Shared Access

Multiple cloud servers are supported to share access to the same file system, and file locks are supported to ensure data consistency.

Mainstream Protocol Support

Support for SMB and NFS protocols to meet the needs of Linux and Windows operating system environments.

Security Setup

Whitelist mode and network filtering, controlled access.

Transmission Encryption

Ensure that user data is not compromised during transmission.

Multiple Channels Access

Support VPC to access file system or IDC server access through dedicated network, VPN gateway and other methods.

Data Transmission

Data migration service supports synchronous or asynchronous data transfer between NAS or NAS to WCS.

Data Backup

Flexible backup strategy with multiple backup copies generated for data recovery in the event of data corruption.


  • Shared Enterprise Office Files
  • Shared Server Logs
  • Load Balanced Storage Sharing
  • Employees need to access and share the same dataset in the office, and administrators can create NAS file systems, provide data access to individuals in the organization, and set user and user group permissions at the file or directory level.
  • The application server logs on multiple computing nodes are stored on the shared file storage to facilitate the subsequent centralized processing and analysis of the logs.
  • In the scenario where the cloud load balancer connects multiple backend cloud servers, the applications on these cloud servers store the data on the shared basic NAS to enable data sharing to ensure the high availability of the cloud load balancing server.

Customer Cases

  • 中山港航集团
  • 易网聚鲜