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Highly Reliable

Solutions such as file encryption, authorized access, replicated redundancy, cluster independence and cross server farm storage provide data reliability up to 99.999999999%.

High Performance

Highly concurrent processing of millions of files, and efficient file processing performance can greatly reduce the processing pressure on the source server.

Highly Flexible

Massive storage resources to support unlimited storage expansion; pay on demand billing, greatly reduce the cost when compared with traditional storage.

Easy to Manage

Support life cycle management, provide rich document management interfaces to meet a variety of document processing requirements, massive document management with one click.


Support For Multiple Storage Types

Support standard, low frequency, archive storage to meet a variety of data storage needs from hot to cold.

File Upload

File upload in the form of ordinary or segmented according to the actual business needs.

Streaming upload, appends new content to file objects, and can be read and played back in seconds

Data Migration

Data migration tools, mirror storage, URL pull and other functions for the smooth migration of user website data to the Wangsu object storage platform, and reduce the proportion of back-to-source access.

Data Processing

Lifecycle management: users may formulate lifecycle management rules for data according to business needs, and realize automatic conversion or deletion of storage types.

Content review: pornographic, violent, terrorism, sensitive figures and other multi-dimensional AI content review, combined with the big data support to provide intelligent content review function in the form of interface services.

Audio and video data processing: diverse audio and video processing functions, such as screenshot, transcoding, transencapsulation, watermarking, editing and other operations.

Security Protection

Key authentication: through key authentication, to ensure that user data is not obtained illegally, and to ensure the privacy of user information and data.

Permission control: supports IAM permission control, controls the permissions of sub-accounts, authorizes the operation permissions of sub-accounts and controls access to resources.


  • Multimedia File Processing
  • Cross-region Backup
  • Security Monitoring
  • Hosted Content Distribution
  • Transcoding, cropping, watermarking, authentication, content recognition, etc.; a comprehensive transcoding library including M3U8, H.264, and H.265.

  • Live stream recording, directly record video stream through the Wangsu live stream distribution platform into videos of different formats and bitrates, and store them with Wangsu object storage to meet the requirements such as policy compliance or business scenarios, without prior preparation of any resource reserves.

  • Combined with Wangsu live stream distribution, supports live stream replay, users can replay any previous content during live streaming.

  • Standard RESTful API interface, abundant SDK and tools for fast access.

  • With the cross-region replication function, the data is automatically synchronized to the designated location for remote data disaster recovery and to meet the requirements of data compliance.

  • Flexible data synchronization strategies can configure different synchronization policies for historical files, incremental files, and prefix matching files.

  • Ideal for enterprise users such as video surveillance, and the video file can be saved to Wangsu object storage.

  • Provide streaming upload service for scenarios require continuously video recording, such as cameras.

  • Provide SDK optimized for camera hardware for direct and fast access testing, helping customers focus on their own business.

  • In addition to providing reliable storage services, also supports diverse functions such as live broadcast, VOD, transcoding, and cropping.

  • Static files such as audio, video and images in the website can be hosted in Wangsu object storage, and the content distributed through the CDN platform.

  • Support high concurrent processing of millions of files; ensure high reliability and high availability of data through multi-level reliability architecture.

Customer Cases

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