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One Stop Hosting

One-stop offering of complete hosting services such as hosting space, equipment leasing or procurement, professional operation and maintenance, and security.

High Spec Server Farm With Multi-layered Security Protection

Wangsu’s overseas datacenters are constructed with standards above the Tier 3 level, with redundancy safeguards for cooling, power, security, network, etc. SLA promises 99.99% network availability and 99.999% power reliability.

Gold Standard Operation And Maintenance

20 years of IDC operation and maintenance experience, provide 24x7 round-the-clock technical expert support and on-site operation and maintenance services. The management capabilities of Wangsu IDC operation and maintenance has passed ISO9001:2008 certification.

Global Coverage

Overseas IDC distributed all over Asia, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East, connecting backbone networks of global mainstream operators and regional operators' networks, providing convenient global business coverage.


  • High Spec Hosting

    Provide high quality storage space, power supply and cooling systems to ensure the safe and stable operation of the server

    • Hosting space with dual power supplies, advanced cooling systems, and low-density/high-density power options.
  • Custom Caged Environment

    Supporting custom caged environment to enhance physical isolation needed for high security and compliance requirements

    • Custom design and changes can be made according to specific server and space requirements.
    • Closed hot/cold channel system, reduce energy consumption, improve overall equipment performance and efficiency.
  • IP Transit

    Service High bandwidth transit services

    • Connected with dozens of global Tier 1 and regional operators’ backbone networks, including Centurylink/ Teila Company/ GTT communications/ TATA telecommunications/ NTT.
  • IDC Operation And Maintenance Support

    IDC management service provided by professional technical teams

    • Services include installation and reinstallation of operating system, installation and replacement of server/network components, connection and replacement of cables.
    • Technical experts provide support 24 hours a day, rapid response within 15 minutes of call, and deliver emergency reports within 30 minutes.
  • Security and Protection

    Multiple levels of protection based on security facilities, personnel and systems to ensure the security of equipment and data

    • Physical security measures such as 24-hour security guards, double authentication of access card system and biometric scanning system, and IP-DVR camera monitoring inside and outside the campus the ensure the security of managed equipment and data.
    • Strict server room security management system and mechanism to ensure operation, personnel and other aspects of security.
  • Equipment Lease/Purchase and Hosting

    More equipment service options with gold standard after-sales maintenance

    • Provide global mainstream brands of servers, switches, routers, firewalls and other equipment, as well as racks, cabling, etc.
    • Gold standard maintenance service (support staff arrival at datacenter within 24 hours of call).

Global Datacenters

Global Datacenters

Customer Cases

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