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Stable & Available

Incorporating an independent disaster recovery mechanism, which can improve the reliability of data with the help of system images and snapshots. Providing service availability up to 99.95%, and data reliability up to 99.99999%.

Flexible Control Over Cost

Support the creation of multiple instances in minutes, quickly provides flexible scaling according to actual business situations. Offering purchase on demand, pay-as-you-go billing, control cost with flexibility.

Secure & Reliable

Providing basic security protection features such as host firewall, network firewall, host resource monitoring and failure alerts free of charge; each tenant can customize their private network and completely isolate resources; security detection tools and operation logs for cloud servers are also provided.

Deployed in Seconds with Simple Scalability

Deploy a single cloud server in seconds and supporting customized batch-scale deployment of an image. The same image can quickly replicate the environment in multiple cloud servers to rapidly establish and expand capacity.


  • Flexible Allocation of Computing Resources

    Multi-spec, multi-network card, hot upgrade

    • Automatically adjust computing resources according to different business needs, supporting a variety of strategy configurations, to better satisfy customer business requirements.
    • Multiple network cards are supported, and multiple network cards can be mounted on the cloud server.
    • CPU, memory and bandwidth can be hot upgraded without rebooting.
  • Multiple Storage Options

    With massive storage capacity on the cloud, providing a variety of cloud hard disk packages to meet the needs of different business scenarios.

    • High reliability: triplicate copy redundancy, service availability up to 99.95%, data persistence 99.99999% (max), ensuring data security and reliability.
    • High performance: with 300MBps throughput, 20000 random read and write IOPS, a minimum latency of 0.5-2ms.
    • Highly flexible: provides super-large capacity block storage with a maximum of 32TB per disk, and supporting flexible online expansion.
    • Multi-spec, four types of cloud disks available: performance-based, SSD-based, shared-performance-based and shared-SSD-based cloud hard disks to meet different business needs.
    • Easy to use: easy to operate and easy to use, accommodating the habits of different customers.
  • Exclusive Network

    Secure and stable virtual private network transmission channels with flexible access control rules.

    • Ensure 100% isolation between networks, including VPC, router, public network IPs and load balancing to ensure security.
    • High-speed, secure and stable exclusive channel access services to connect the local data center with the VPC, fully leverages cloud computing while continuing to support all the functions of existing equipment to create a flexible and scalable hybrid computing environment.
  • Flexible Scalability

    Automatically adjust computing resources to support multiple configurations according to business needs and strategies.

    • Automation: supports dynamic scaling and custom timed scaling based on the monitoring data of the scaling group, and automatically adjusts computing resources without human intervention.
    • Fault tolerance: instant fault tolerance when anomalies are discovered, and new instances are quickly enabled to ensure business availability.
    • Low cost: pay flexibly according to the actual usage of resources to reduce cost.
  • Load Balancing

    Distribute traffic to multiple cloud servers according to policies and rules.

    • High availability: with the help of a health check mechanism, cloud servers in abnormal states are automatically blocked and traffic is rerouted across normal nodes to ensure business continuity.
    • Multi-protocol: 4 layer load balancing supporting TCP protocol and 7 layer load balancing of HTTP and HTTPS protocols to meet the business demand of high-performance and large-scale concurrent connections.
  • Security Protection

    Professional security protection to ensure the stable business operation.

    • Based on the Wangsu cloud security platform, defend against common network layer DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, and application layer DDoS attacks such as CC, HTTP Flood, to ensure the normal and stable business operations.
    • The security group functions as the whitelist firewall for the egress and ingress traffic of the virtual network card on the cloud server, security group rules in the list allow appropriate traffic to pass through.
    • Established data centers (T3 and above), robust and highly availability network architecture, advanced virtualization technology, comprehensive hardware equipment and monitoring and alert system to ensure the stable operation of cloud servers.
  • Monitoring Service

    Provide comprehensive cloud monitoring services, including resource information monitoring, alert, notification and other services.

    • Monitoring overview: display an overview of cloud resource instances on the Dashboard screen, and view the monitoring data including CPU utilization, memory utilization and other dimensions to quickly determine resource usage.
    • Flexible alerts: customize alert rules combined with alert template, and send instant alert notification of failure by setting trigger granularity, threshold, etc.


  • Website/Mobile APP
  • Mass Traffic Applications
  • At the initial stages of building a website, users may choose a low-spec cloud server to put applications, files and other resources on the same cloud server.

  • Adjust the configuration and number of cloud servers at any time according to the changes in the number of visitors, and easily cope with the growth and any concurrencies of the website business.

  • For image and video websites/applications, cloud servers will provide front-end access with Wangsu object storage, to facilitate storage of massive image and video files.

  • Combining Wangsu CDN and cloud scheduling service to support traffic load and nearby distribution, greatly improve user access experience, reduce bandwidth usage and save cost.

Customer Cases

  • 长虹电器
  • 海信集团
  • 广东省广告集团
  • 长安汽车
  • 环球易购