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Excellent Performance

High performance computing power comparable to conventional physical machines, with the added flexibility and scalability of the virtual machine.

Security Isolation

Enjoy physical resources exclusively, eliminate the interaction of resources between users, and meet the requirements of security compliance

Rapid Delivery

Deliver physical resource in minutes with flexible SDN networking, increasing business deployment efficiency.

More Cost-effective

A variety of annually, monthly billing methods as well as on-demand purchase, provide customers with flexible, lightweight asset allocation.

Flexible and Compatible

Supporting personalized customization and future configuration of physical machines, provides diverse nano-management features and hosted nodes, and supports scenarios such as hybrid networking, transfer between physical machines and hosts, and public and private clouds.


High Performance Computing

Computing power without virtualization performance loss, supports the latest models of CPUs and GPUs to meet the needs of customers’ high-performance application scenarios.

Secure Physical Isolation

Exclusive computing resources, hardware isolation from other tenants with high reliability and security compliance.


Three levels of nano management, which support customers’ own standard X86 physical servers to access the cloud platform, and support management such as startup, deployment, and monitoring on Console.

Security Protection

By connecting to the cloud security platform, users will enjoy multi-dimensional security protection of physical servers, such as DDoS protection, WAF, host intrusion detection, Web vulnerability scanning, security risk awareness, database audit, and access gateway.

Flexible Configuration

Provide a wealth of physical machine specifications, and support on-demand customization of physical server CPU, memory, hard disk configuration and future reconfiguration to meet the needs of specific application scenarios.

Expand or down scale server clusters quickly and on demand to cope with business peaks and idle periods.

Management, Monitoring

TianShu Console helps user to manage physical servers at anytime, anywhere, and supports batch deployment, power management, remote connection, reservation / reset OS, disk Raid, change Hostname, key/password change, network configuration, monitoring viewing and alert settings.

Support VPC and Hybrid Networking

According to the requirement of business deployment in different application scenarios, users may establish a “physical exclusive” or “virtual-reality interconnection” network environment for physical servers through VPC, subnet, secure group, etc., and provide external connection for aligning with flexible public network IP; provide hybrid networking for legacy hardware that cannot be used on cloud (non-standard X86 servers) to ensure connectivity within the network.


  • Big Data Applications
  • Security Compliance
  • Video Streaming
  • Suitable for Apache Hadoop, Spark and other frameworks, build big data platform to support massive data collection, storage, analysis, search and mining, and promote the execution of digital transformation strategy in manufacturing, finance, government and other industries.

  • Supports 12T (SATA) * 12 high-capacity servers, PCI-E, NVME all-flash servers to meet the needs of mass storage and high-speed read and write.

  • Provide Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU and other mainstream middle and high-end specification accessories for all types of high-performance computing support of big data applications.

  • Secure and flexible VPC, supports custom logic isolation in cyberspace, making business deployment more secure and reliable.

  • For the extremely high requirements of legacy government-enterprise networks for data security, TianShu physical server offer the characteristics of exclusive hardware and physical isolation, which can eliminate the interaction between user resources and ensure the stable operation of business.

  • No hypervisor performance loss, meeting the high server performance requirements of core database systems (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.).

  • TianShu physical server can achieve unified management with virtual resources, delivering flexible networking, which can meet customers’ periodic cloud needs.

  • Live video scenarios have extremely high requirements for network quality and server performance. In high concurrent online viewing scenarios, there may be hundreds of millions of long links of on-screen comments, and the bandwidth of a single on-screen comment server will reach several gigabytes.

  • TianShu physical server cluster can rapidly build and support a highly concurrent, distributed real-time live on-screen comment system, and offering bare metal performance for high computing and high I/O requirements.

  • A large number of servers are needed during peak hours of video streaming. The massive resource pool of TianShu physical server cluster can be rapidly expanded, and on-demand purchase and pay-as-you-go billing can effectively reduce infrastructure costs.