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Quick Response

27x7 service to quickly respond to and locate security incidents to reduce losses caused by late response.

Extensive Experience

Maintained secure operation of CDN platform with 150000+ servers, gaining extensive practical experience.

Professional Service

Standardized emergency service process to provide professional emergency handling services.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Ensure that the emergency response process is efficient and reliable, quick recovery of business with adequate consolidation.


Incident Handling

Detect malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans on the server, detect Trojan affected pages, Webshell backdoors, and hidden links on websites.

Incident Analysis

Assist customers to conduct incident investigation, preserve evidence, locate back doors, trace sources, etc., provide incident handling reports and follow up security status tracking.

Remediation Guidance

Provide professional emergency response reports according to the incident handling process and analysis results; provide professional remediation guidance and advice for security issues exposed in the incident and assist in the rectification process.


  • Network Attack Incidents
    Security scanning of attacks, brute force cracking, system vulnerability attacks, web vulnerability attacks, etc.
  • Malicious Web Code
    Webshell back door, webpage Trojan, webpage hidden links, etc.
  • Malicious Program Incidents
    Mining programs, viruses, worms, remote-controlled Trojans, botnet programs, etc.
  • Information destruction
    Database content tampering, information and data leakage.

Implementation Process

Implementation Process