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Comprehensive Testing

The baseline check model offers comprehensive functions, thoroughly detect the baseline configuration of various operating systems, network devices, security devices, databases and middleware.

Tailored Service

Combined with the customer's actual business scenarios, provide a actionable consolidation solution, and assist in security rectification and improvement.

Extensive Experience

Wangsu’s security experts are experienced specialists that have safeguarded the secure operation of 150,000+ servers.


  • Baseline Check

    • Host security check: Windows, Linux, Aix, Unix, etc.
    • Database security check: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
    • Middleware security check: Weblogic, Apache, IIS, Jboss, WAS, etc.
    • Network hardware configuration check: firewall, intrusion detection system, router, switches, etc.

  • Security Consolidation

    • Account management, permission management, file system permission management, log security management, access control management, patch information, etc.


  • Routine Operation Consolidation
    Due to the security event-driven or industry policy-driven factors, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive security consolidation measures on the business server on a regular basis.
  • Post Security Incident Consolidation
    After the occurrence of a security incident, conduct a comprehensive baseline check and implement effective reinforcement to prevent further intrusion.
  • Security Level Protection Evaluation Consolidation
    According to the results of security level protection analysis, perform security consolidation of hardware, systems, applications and components to meet the requirements of security level protection compliance.

Implementation Process

Implementation Process