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Standard Testing Processes

Strictly follow the international standard of pre-attack, attack and post-attack testing processes to ensure that the testing process is comprehensive and effective.

Comprehensive and In-depth Testing

Combined with social engineering, vulnerability exploitation and other technologies for testing, targeting the business system for a deeper and more comprehensive security check.

One-to-one Expert Service

Delve deep into business requirements, provide customized testing solutions and assist in vulnerability resolution, and conduct penetration review after resolution.


Configuration Management Testing

Check whether the HTTPS protocol transmission algorithm is secure, whether the information related to the middleware have been disclosed, detect whether there are abnormal errors, etc.

Certification Testing

Detect whether one can directly access unauthorized pages in the backend, check whether the CAPTCHA has any security risks, and whether it is capable of preventing brute force cracking, etc.

Session Testing

Check for security risks in the session Cookies, and monitor whether the Session ID changes before and after login.

Authorization Testing

Detect whether there are unauthorized access, path traversal, arbitrary file download, logic defects, etc.

Data Validation Testing

Detect the existence of SQL injection vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting, code injection, URL forwarding, file upload test, etc.

System Application Vulnerability Testing

Database application vulnerabilities, framework vulnerabilities, port security, overflow, etc.



Implementation Process

 Implementation Process