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Complete Coverage of Vulnerabilities Library

100000 + vulnerabilities and intelligence items, covering web applications, systems, third-party application components, etc.

Real-time Update of Vulnerabilities Library

Update CVE, OWASP and other vulnerability databases and threat intelligence in real time to avoid missed detection.

Accurate Detection

The vulnerability detection addon has been strictly tested and verified by experts to ensure high accuracy.

Security Expert Consultation

Security experts assisting through the entire process, provide report interpretation and remediation suggestions, help users to address vulnerability issues.


System Layer Vulnerability Scanning

Scan for security vulnerabilities in the operating system, including authentication, access control, system vulnerabilities, and security configuration.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Scan for security vulnerabilities in web applications, including OWASP TOP10, weak passwords, and various CVE vulnerabilities.

Middleware Vulnerability Scanning

Scan for security vulnerabilities in third-party middleware, including mainstream web containers, frontend development framework, as well as backend micro-service technology stack.

Expert Verification of Scan Results

Verify the scan results by security experts and output professional reports after validating accuracy


  • Routine Security Checks
  • Security Testing Prior to Major Events

Before a business system launch, it is often found that the lack of security development leads to vulnerabilities in the system:

  • Scan the system for vulnerabilities in advance to find out the security risks and fix them as soon as possible.
  • After the business is launched, daily security inspection should be carried out regularly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the business system.

Provide security tests for party and government organs, enterprises and organizations before major events:

  • Identify hidden security dangers in the network in time, move from passive response to active defense.
  • Prevent the occurrence of security incidents such as tampering of website content and untimely remediation of vulnerabilities during major events.

Implementation Process

Implementation Process