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Super Protection

Compared with the open source DNS software (Bind), higher performance and protection capabilities can be achieved, with high stand-alone performance, and Wangsu has successfully defended against hundreds of millions of QPS attacks on many occasions.

Flexible Protection Strategy

Adopt corresponding anti-attack strategies and response mechanisms according to different types of attacks, with diversified deployment strategies, communication data encryption, and big data intelligent analysis of abnormal requests.

Report Visualization

Provide real-time QPS metrics, domain name attack monitoring and alert support for multi-dimensional data statistics, such as region, operator, record type, response result and time.

Specialized Operation and Maintenance

Expert operation and maintenance team and emergency response service. Joint defense with CNCERT and other institutions; long-term cooperation with operators at all levels


Domain Name Management

Add domain names in batches, modify, delete, start and stop release, set domain names, and authorize domain names to other users for joint management.

Various record types are supported (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, TXT, SRV, SPF, URL forwarding, etc.), with scheduled task release.

Intelligent Resolution

Realize the intelligent resolution of domain name, and support the intelligent return of the resolution result according to the user’s geographical location.

The weight of the source server is configured in advance, and when a DNS query request is made, the response resolution address is returned according to the pre-set weight to achieve the weighted polling effect.

Domain Name Security

The resolution platform provides domain name security password lock management functions, and the user and domain name double password mechanism ensures that the domain name cannot be tampered with by others.

All domain name operations are subject to audit, and changes in resolution records will be notified by email in a timely manner.

Protection Visualization

Independent security platform, fast and accurate attack mode analysis, flexible and extensive attack response strategy.

Attack early warning customization and real-time QPS data report viewing of rich resolution statistics reports of region, operator, record type, etc.


  • Financial Organizations
  • Government Organizations

Online banking, mobile banking & mobile payment, mobile securities, P2P online loans and other emerging financial applications are becoming increasingly popular, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability, security and availability of network DNS resolution. During a large-scale domain name resolution request attack, it is very likely that DNS can not be resolved normally, resulting in inability to access domain names.

  • High security level protection DNS improve domain name resolution stability and defense capability.
  • Provide APIs to facilitate interfacing with existing systems.

Government service websites face a large number of domain name system (DNS) attacks every year, they manage a large number of domain names, and often domain names belong to different departments, which would require internal application, process approval, IT operation, placing a heavy workload on IT operation and maintenance personnel.

  • High security level protection DNS and domain name resolution audit functions help customers check logs faster and easily discover abnormal modifications.
  • The domain name authorization function delegate domain name management to business departments, reducing the pressure of centralized operation and maintenance management.

Customer Cases

  • 中国新闻网
  • 人民网
  • 中国青年网
  • vipabc