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Full Chain Performance Management

Based on the Wangsu intelligent distribution platform, collect end-to-end access data for multi-dimensional analysis, realize full-chain data management, and dynamically perceive real user access.

Integrated Security Data Analysis

Based on the massive attack and defense sample database accumulated by the platform, it integrates and analyzes threat intelligence, security incidents, etc., and comprehensively determin the security situation of the website.

Active Early Warning

Timely detection of deep-seated security threats, enable cross-organizational information sharing and coordinated action, implement emergency response and other measures.

Real-time Visibility

The visualization chart shows the security situation and performance situation of the whole network in real time, which meets the business needs of data visualization, risk early warning, conference and exhibitions, etc.

Flexible Utilization

Modular architecture, unified management platform, functional modules and data charts can be displayed on demand


Network Situation Awareness in Real Time

Based on the Wangsu intelligent distribution platform, it monitors the access performance of users in the entire network in real time, and carries out multi-dimensional processing, analysis and display, so as to help customers understand the status of business access to the website in real time.

With granularity process covering the entire network, analyze and display the security incidents monitored by the platform in real time to help customers understand current network-wide attacks.

Security Risk Control

Provide network-wide, real-time updated security information and exposed high-risk vulnerability information to identify security risks in a timely manner.

Analyze the multi-dimensional security situation according to the domain name and attack process of the attack, and display the current attack and defense status, including DDoS attacks, Web attacks, and Bot attacks.

Security Threat Alerts

Risk assessment is carried out through proprietary risk prediction algorithms, risk management and control support is provided, and defense mechanism is established in advance.

Featuring security event alerts, which can perceive and alert customers to a variety of network threat behaviors such as DDoS attacks and Web application attacks.

Insight into Network Performance

Integrate real-time traffic data of source, cloud and user websites to realize end-to-end, full-link performance situational awareness and assist website operators to discover performance issues in a timely manner.

Multi-dimensional presentation of website access traffic, number of active users, bandwidth, availability, regional quality and other indicators, meaning the business situation is clear at a glance.


  • Data collection: based on the intelligent distribution and security platforms of Wangsu, large amounts of data are continuously collected.
  • Data analysis: multi-dimensional data processing and analysis through the big data platform.
  • Situational awareness: multi-dimensional awareness, understanding and prediction of network performance and network-wide security situation.
  • Visualization: display the business situation of the entire network on a big screen dashboard with charts.

Dashboard Display

Dashboard Display