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24x7 Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor all types of security issues of the website in real time, with systematic and overall control over the general security status of the website.

Accurate Detection and Recognition

Powerful vulnerability resource library and data analysis technology to accurately detect and identify website vulnerabilities, including databases, third-party components, and web applications.

Visibility, Awareness, Control, Management

Multi-dimensional, scientific interface display, providing an overview of the current security status of the target website, to realize website security visibility, awareness, control and management.

Business Friendliness

Better alignment with the business risk early warning mechanism for timely early warning of website security events, scientifically handling process tracking, for closed-loop processing of security risk events.


Vulnerability Monitoring

Proprietary scanners regularly monitor website vulnerabilities.
Initiate instant alerts when high-risk vulnerabilities are detected.

Security Incident Monitoring

Multi-engine monitoring of security incidents such as Trojans, hidden links, sensitive words, content tampering, and image tampering.
Initiate instant alerts when security incidents vulnerabilities are detected.

DNS Hijacking Monitoring

Monitoring the DNS parsing status of the website.
Initiate instant alerts when DNS hijackings are detected.

Availability Monitoring

Monitor the availability of the website.
Initiate instant alerts when availability changes are detected.


  • Network Security for Major Events
  • Regulatory Website Security Supervision
  • Secure O&M of Enterprise Website

During major national events, hacker organizations from home and abroad often become very active. Once the websites of governments at all levels, state-owned enterprises and other organizations are tampered with, implanted with Trojans or breached by other malicious activities, serious consequences of ten ensues.

  • Understand the security status of the website in real time to ensure the stable operation of important websites during critical periods.
  • A team of security experts are arranged to assist customers in ensuring secure operations.

Industry regulators need to monitor the vulnerabilities of many websites under their jurisdiction, especially for tampering, hidden links, availability and other security incidents that require rapid and efficient management.

  • Real-time monitoring of the target website, unified supervision, timely early warning, and effectively deal with various security incidents.

Security incidents are difficult to prevent, and network attacks are occurring with increasing frequency. It has become an urgent need for the operation and maintenance departments of enterprise websites to deal various security incidents quickly and efficiently.

  • Address the issue of manpower shortages in the operation and maintenance of the website, identify risks in time, respond to emergencies, and effectively ensure the secure and stable operation of the website.