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Multi-device Cross-platform Support

Support HTML5 player (PC, mobile), mobile Android/iOS player SDK, to meet multi-device cross-platform requirements.

Fully Functional

Fully support high-quality interconnection across multiple regions, while supporting major global cloud service providers to establish flexible and fast network connections between enterprises and cloud platforms.

Cutting-edge Decoding Technical Support

Mobile player SDK supports H.265 decoding and playback. It can help customers save nearly 50% of CDN bandwidth and save business costs.

Multi-dimensional Copyright Protection

Combined with the copyright protection solution from Wangsu , supporting decryption and playback of MP4 and HLS encrypted videos to effectively protect video resources.


High Quality Video Playback

Player SDK supports features such as instant loading, delayed catch-up and multi-bitrate adaptation to enhance the viewing experience.

H.265 Decoding

The player supports H.265 decoding mode and high compression bitrate output, which reduces bandwidth consumption and saves cost on the premise of maintaining video quality.

Player Copyright Protection

Player SDK supports video decryption, authentication playback and other functions to protect video copyright in comprehensive manner.

Extensive Feature Configuration

Optimization of live streaming time shift, gesture adjustment, playback interface customization and other functions to enhance the viewing experience.

Diversified Advertising

A variety of advertising functions to support front, middle and end video ad insertion; advertising control supports event or interface control.


  • Short Video
  • Long Video
  • Video Live Streaming
  • Instant playback, seamless definition switching, and bit rate adaptation to enhance users’ video viewing experience.
  • Intelligently adjust the core transmission strategy according to the network environment, combined with weak network enhancement technology to ensure the stability of data transmission.
  • Customize the size of the player and flexibly adapt to all types of mobile devices.
  • Support full vertical screen, high frequency switching, cyclic playback, etc., to better meet the needs of short video viewing.
  • Combined with short video scenarios, calling “dynamic WebP” API on demand to generate customized dynamic special effects cover to improve the view count of short videos.
  • Switching and viewing of videos with different definition, and supports multi-device cross-screen playback without interruption of video viewing.
  • Support video drag, double speed playback, fast forward and fast rewind to meet the personalized viewing needs of users.
  • Instant loading, delayed catch-up and HLS/DASH protocol playback greatly improve the first-time playback effect of the video.
  • Insert ads before, during and after the video according to business needs to help the platform operate with better commercial success.
  • Rtmp, hls and hdl protocols are supported for playback, and the viewing definition can be seamlessly and automatically switched according to the actual situation of the network.
  • Support fast forward and fast rewind, micro-window preview, users can quickly locate the time point of the video they want to watch, so as to enrich the viewing experience of users.
  • Share a live time-shifted content to social media in the form of a short video through the player share button for enhanced social networking support.