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Quickly Setup Mobile Live Streaming

SDK provides video capture, coding and push capabilities to quickly setup live streaming.

AI Beautification

Using AI technology such as facial recognition and portrait tracking for real-time beautification, dynamic stickers and other functions.

Comprehensive Audio and Video Processing Technology

Includes basic functions such as data acquisition, coding, push and transmission, but also supports audio and video processing technologies such as watermark, audio mixing, and earphone monitors.

Multi-format Recording and Storage

Three formats of MP4/FLV/GIF are supported for recording and storage with live streaming.


Data Acquisition

The SDK can obtain the currently available camera, microphone and other related information for audio collection.

Software and Hardware Encoding

Both mobile pusher platforms support hardware encoding and software encoding, and it is up to App vendors which coding method they need to choose. Generally speaking, when the hardware of the smartphone does not support hard encoding, it will automatically switch to soft encoding.

Push transmission

After completing the collection and encoding, the SDK pushes the stream to the server according to the received parameters. The SDK not only optimizes for different network environments, but also manages live stream data through underlying queues.

AI Beautification Special Effects

The SDK provides advanced beauty filters, more than 20 types of filters, watermark, mirror and other special effects to improve the live streaming effect.

Extensive Feature Configurations

A variety of extended functions, such as mixing, reverberation, earphone monitor, recording, and screenshot, make live streaming simpler and more efficient.


  • Live Shows
  • Gaming Live Streams
  • Push stream SDK helps customers quickly integrate mobile live streaming business.
  • With a wealth of live show strategies, beautification, filters, dynamic effects and other functions, to make the live stream more interesting.
  • Based on the strong technical infrastructure and streaming capabilities, Wangsu push SDK provides integrated live streaming capabilities for mobile game streaming, ensuring a low-latency, fast and smooth global live streaming distribution experience.