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Library With over a Million Sensitive Keywords

Covering various sensitive words, to establish and improve user profile system and characteristic intelligent semantic analysis function.

Abundant Image Analysis Samples

Massive image data, combined with advanced image algorithms, processing hundreds of millions of images on a daily basis.

High Accuracy

Intelligent review operation 24 hours a day, with a recognition accuracy of over 99%, saving labor cost.

Personalized Model Customization

Provide personalized strategy configuration and customized services for customers according to different scenarios.


Text Detection

Based on a large number of sensitive words and semantic analysis algorithms, effectively identify pornographic, violent, terrorism, politically-related, advertising, abuse and other undesirable text content.

Image detection

Based on massive sample training and deep learning algorithms, provide risk detection capabilities such as pornographic, terrorism, political, advertising, and inappropriate content.

Video Detection

Risk detection capabilities such as pornographic, terrorism, political, advertising, and inappropriate content for short videos, on-demand videos, live streaming and other video scenarios.

Content Detection

Rapid detection of text, image and other content of the user’s website, automatically identify and process illegal content, reduce the risks of non-compliance.


  • Forum/Message Board
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Gaming Platform
  • Intelligent identification of illegal images and text involving gang culture, violent, obscene and other illegal activities, so as to reduce the risk of content non-compliance.
  • The illegal content of forums and message boards can be decreased from 9% to less than 2%, eliminating more than 98% of common issues, with a processing accuracy exceeded 99%.
  • Detection of content in e-commerce platforms, such as product images, short videos, and buyer reviews.
  • Reduce the risk of illegal propaganda on the platform, improve review efficiency, and save labor costs.
  • Text content recognition and filtering of player nicknames and game chat content.
  • Intercept sensitive words related to political topics to reduce regulatory risks.
  • Pornographic, obscene and abusive content interception to maintain order in the chat channel environment.