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Effortless Streaming

Supporting push/pull streaming, streaming assistant, webpage streaming, playlist loop streaming, recorded streaming, etc.

Comprehensive Viewing Experience

Enable PC/smartphone H5 streaming as well as embedded access in WeChat Official Accounts/Apps/Mini Programs. Wangsu’s proprietary streaming CDN distributes content to users through the nearest global node, improving video quality and cutting down cost, while maintaining a streamlined streaming experience.

Streaming Interaction with Over 10,000 Viewers

Supporting concurrencies with over 10,000 viewers while maintaining stable interaction features. Enabling interactions such as Q&A, donations, live multi stream audio, and subtitles.

Comprehensive Targeted Viewer Management

Integrating streaming preview, posters, landing page, and streaming notification for comprehensive viewer targeting. Stream may also be distributed amongst major public traffic platforms to enhance promotional efforts.

Tailored Brand Marketing

Visualized configurations for custom streaming studio creation with zero development. Users will be able to setup Logos, advertisement pages, text and image collaterals, and customized product tabs, providing custom enterprise streaming studios to enhance brand image.

Big Data Operations

Comprehensive streaming analytics encompassing viewer data, advertisement views, registration and other interactions. Creating viewer profiles to optimize streaming strategies.


  • Streaming initiation

    Webpage streaming, phone streaming, push/pull streaming, Playlist Loop Streaming recorded streaming, etc.

    • Push streaming: streaming can be initiated through third-party push software, such as OBS, Xsplit, HD encoder, etc.
    • Webpage streaming: the webpage can instantly initiate streaming with a single click, supporting interactive co-streaming.
    • Streaming Assistant: screen sharing, camera + screen sharing, camera + PPT, interactive co-streaming, etc. with beauty filters for the camera feed.
    • Pull Streaming: input pull url (protocols: rtmp, rtsp, hls, flv) to initiate streaming.
    • Playlist Loop: initiate loop of on-demand files as streaming programs.
    • Automatic streaming: automatically initiatives streaming at a predefined time.
    • Recording: uploading VOD and playback files.
    • Multi-window streaming: multiple windows are supported for streaming, and the streamer may select which window to display in the studio.
  • Exclusive studio customization

    Streaming previews, cover, background, theme color and other custom settings to create an enterprise's exclusive streaming studio and visual presentation, enhancing corporate brand image.

    • Countdown to streaming; entering the streaming channel before streaming starts to see a countdown to streaming time.
    • Preview video: uploading and playing previews to warm up the audience.
    • Streaming cover: uploading streaming cover image.
    • Streaming background images: uploading streaming background images, supporting PC/mobile devices.
    • Header image: uploading header image, configuring background image main element area.
    • Theme color: custom PC and mobile device streaming studio page theme color.
    • Page language: translation of content of the page, supports Chinese, English and Japanese.
    • Enterprise account: custom upload of enterprise account profile image, name and link.
  • Marketing promotion settings

    Multi-location advertising content configuration, live sharing settings, merchandise window

    • Product links, product details and comprehensive display of product information for marketing.
      Popularity display: calculate and display page popularity based on user interaction.
    • Image and text menu: add image and text menu, custom image and text information, and links to be displayed on the page.
    • Product menu: add product menu, customize multiple product information and links.
    • Header Advertising: custom header element links.
      Ad rotation on page: setting multiple ad rotation in the page.
    • Floating ads: custom upload of floating advertisement images and links.
    • Streaming logo: adds a watermark to the upper right corner of the media player, the watermark will be displayed on the streamed video, to be displayed on PC/mobile devices.
    • Sharing logo: custom Web and H5 page sharing icons.
    • Turn off sharing: closing and opening the stream viewing page.
  • Real-time interaction

    Interactive activities such as live co-streaming, on-screen chat, upvote and comments, streaming image and text, questionnaire voting, etc. bring more excitement to the streaming experience.

    • Multi-device viewing: PC web page, smartphone, tablet, WeChat Mini Programs, smart TV, Wechat official account.
    • Rolling chat subtitles: rolling display of chat and comment.
    • Host comment: highlight certain comments by the host.
    • Pinned comment: pinning certain comments.
    • Streaming image and text: release images and text during streaming to record the progress of the stream.
    • Likes/upvotes: viewers can click the customizable like/upvote icon on the streaming page.
    • Questionnaire, voting: sending questionnaires and voting during streaming.
    • Chat translation: translation of chat content into Chinese, English and Japanese.
  • Authorized viewing

    The corresponding streaming viewing permission can be set by the streamer, and authorization methods such as public viewing, password viewing, phone number verification are supported.

    • Public streaming: go directly to the page to watch without registration and verification.
    • Password viewing: set the viewing permission before streaming starts. Only by entering the correct verification code can the viewer access the streaming content.
    • Login with mobile phone number: provide SMS verification service to ensure the authenticity of viewer identity.
    • Phone number whitelist: enter a user’s phone number into the system before streaming, and the authorized user can directly access the stream.
    • Backup links: generate alternate links with a single click to setup redundancies for streaming.
    • Custom authorization: an authorized customer account system to log in and watch streaming content.
  • Streaming security control

    Multiple content management and control technologies to meet the security and censorship needs of streaming content.

    • Intelligent censorship: based on deep learning, real-time identification, censor and filtering text and image content in the studio, including pornographic, terrorism and violence related content.
    • Review before posting: manual review before posting chat conte.
      Chat deletion: deletion of inappropriate chat content.
    • Banning chat: ban impropriate chat users.
    • Custom sensitive words: customize sensitive words to filter comments and streaming content.
    • Automatic filtering: standardize chat content, etc., to ensure the healthy operation of the studio
  • Media asset management

    Recording and playback generation, playback management, and cloud video editing to facilitate future use of streamed video content.

    • Playback generation: the generation of real-time playback video, temporary caching and permanent storage.
    • Playback upload: uploading custom playback videos, temporary caching and permanent storage
  • Data analytics

    Multi-dimensional statistical analytics services to provide effective live data operation support for enterprises.

    • Basic data: PV, UV and viewing duration data.
    • Advertising data: view the breakdown of PV and UV data of each marketing setup.
    • Viewing data: viewing data of viewers entering the streaming page.
    • Export of viewing data: exporting viewing data.
  • Streaming integration

    Player embedding and comment area embedding to integrate the streaming studio and webpage traffic.

    • Player embedding: the streaming media player embeds the user’s web page to facilitate the exchange of traffic between a webpage and the streaming studio.
    • Comment area embedding: diverse APIs enabling the live comment area to be flexibly embedded into specific web pages to integrate mutual traffic between the stream and web pages.

Product Archetecture

Product Archetecture


  • Event Streaming
  • Commercial Streaming
  • Live Training
  • Cover streaming scenarios of large events such as product launches, online seminars, enterprise annual meetings, large-scale celebrations, online live speeches, etc.
  • Provide closed-loop streaming services: pre-streaming activities such as preview/traffic generation; diversified interaction during streaming; post-streaming editing, secondary content conversion, data analytics, to help optimize the entire streaming process.
  • Providing variety of interactive marketing tactics, such as product display window, time-shift product pitch, rolling chat subtitles, streaming image and text, advertisement placement and so on, to create an immersive streaming studio.
  • User behavior analysis and tagging, advertisement viewing time and peak concurrency analysis, product views and order conversion and other data processes to optimize the operations of streaming product promotions.
  • Ideal for internal/external training, streaming of political party activities and other scenarios.
  • Easy setup for virtual training: lecturers do not have to be familiar with the system, start streaming on APP/web page/PC with a single click, virtual whiteboard markers, and downloads of courseware to enhance teaching experience.
  • Streaming Security Assurance: identity verification for designated audience, review comments before posting, and the protection against hotlinking and screen recording to help ensure security for training sessions.
  • Quantitative feedback on training: generate real-time reports such as user behavior, questionnaire answers, interactive data, etc.