Global Coverage

1500+ global nodes to enable user access and distribution through nearby nodes, respond to user requests in real time to ensure a smooth live streaming experience.

Easily Copy with Concurrencies

Massive resource redundancy and network-wide intelligent traffic scheduling to easily cope with the pressure of concurrent access.

Integrated Video Processing

Provide integrated video stream processing such as stream push and pull, storage, transcoding, media processing, and playback.

Improve Video Quality and Reduce Cost

Intelligent HD, H265 and dynamic transcoding for high-definition viewing at low bitrate, ensure user experience and reduce distribution costs.


  • High-speed Live Video Viewing

    Rapid distribution to improve the quality of live streaming.

    • NGB global scheduling dispatches user requests to better performing access nodes in real time, and speeds up the distribution of live streaming through proprietary streaming media private transport protocol, QUIC protocol and other technologies, which can effectively reduce latency, reduce interruptions, and improve live streaming quality.
  • Efficient Real-time Transcoding

    Support transencapsulation of all formats, resolution conversion, H.264/H.265 encoding, intelligent HD, custom transcoding, etc.

    • Support transencapsulation of all formats, resolution conversion, H.264/H.265 encoding, intelligent HD, custom transcoding, etc., flexible configuration of various scenarios, efficient transcoding to meet the needs of different users for live streaming.
    • Intelligent HD is based on intelligent identification of business scenarios, with lossless code reduction, picture quality reproduction and other technologies to achieve high-definition viewing at low bit rate and reduce distribution costs at the same time.
    • The full link supports H.265 and supports adaptive matching of H264 and H265 codec to achieve lower bit rate at the same picture quality and clearer picture quality at the same bit rate.
  • Content Security Control

    Multiple content security control strategies.

    • Supporting conventional content protection methods such as referer anti-hotlink protection, IP blacklist and whitelist, UA anti-hotlink protection, timestamp anti-hotlink protection, and return-to-source authentication, as well as combining the network-wide exclusive center authentication anti-hotlink protection technology and HTTPS full-link anti-hijacking strategy to provide multiple protection and reduce the risk of stream piracy.
    • Real-time screenshot and intelligent pornographic content detection can effectively identify undesirable content related to pornography, violence, politics and customized criteria, ensuring content compliance for the platform.
    • Live streaming delay, instant 0deletion, one-click ban and other functions make content control more convenient.
  • Cloud Intelligent Direction Booth

    Stream control on the cloud.

    Traditional direction such as switching, synthesis, on-screen comment, watermarking and other functions can be performed on the cloud. Multi-stream input with single stream output, different scenes and different perspectives can be switched freely.

  • Comprehensive Functional Configuration

    A variety of live streaming feature configurations Rich features such as live stream recording, live stream to VOD, live stream to replay, and one-click sharing are provided to improve user experience.


  • Live Shows
  • Major Sport Events
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce live streaming
  • Professional distribution acceleration ensures low latency and smooth playback of live streaming, and meets the interactive needs of stream channels and users.
  • Intelligent beatification, filter, overlay and other technologies help users quickly produce more interesting and better-looking live streaming effects.
  • Services such as intelligent censorship and instant ban help the platform monitor the video content, saving a lot of manual review efforts.
  • Multiple anti-hotlink protection configurations can fully prevent live streaming from being pirated.
  • Sufficient bandwidth resources to support large-scale and high-concurrency scenarios for major events, such as gaming and live sports events.
  • Provide end-to-end live streaming solution for large-scale events to ensure a low-latency, low-stutter global live viewing experience.
  • Powerful real-time media processing capabilities, including weak network push acceleration, high-quality real-time transcoding, and intelligent content censorship.
  • The statistical analysis function helps the platforms to analyze their online population, broadband traffic and other data in real time.
  • Global node coverage, nearby access and distribution to ensure smooth push for streamers and ensure users’ viewing and interactive experience.
  • Intelligent HD, super-resolution and other technologies to provide clearer gaming live stream video quality.
  • AI video highlights, efficiently identify wonderful scenes in gaming videos, real-time processing with intelligent editing and splicing.
  • The VOD-to-live stream feature continuously provide wonderful videos online.
  • Easily support the concurrent access of millions of users during e-commerce marketing activities to ensure a stable and smooth e-commerce live viewing experience.
  • AI technologies such as video quality enhancement and intelligent HD improve the image quality of live streaming and make the display of product details more realistic.
  • With ultra-low latency interaction, users interact with streamers while watching live content and shopping to help “live streaming sales”.

Customer Cases

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