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Rapid Deployment

Plug and play access devices that support automated configuration and centralized deployment.


The data is encrypted at the byte level, and the forwarding channels leverage an IPSec encryption mechanism to effectively ensure the security of data transmission.

Streamlined Operation and Maintenance

Provides a control and management platform, supporting network-wide visualized management, unified distribution policy, remote access, intelligent alerts and other functions.


Flexible bandwidth configuration and on-demand billing to meet temporary high bandwidth demand such as live video streaming and e-commerce promotions.

Flexible High Bandwidth

Fiber optic connection to the cloud platform with a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, users do not have to bypass the public network for business access.


Security Protection

Adjust security configuration as needed, granting access of services with specific protocols, ACL control updates, etc.

Quality Optimization

Intelligent path selection according to service quality to improve transmission efficiency and ensure end-to-end high-quality service.

QoS Control

Supporting QoS control, give priority to ensuring the transmission quality of key services, and eliminating the impact of high concurrent access of other applications, such as video, and downloading.


As a partner of AWS, Wangsu Direct Connect provides cloud connection services directly to the AWS network. Through Direct Connect, enterprises can easily establish their own high-speed connection networks, enable local office network, datacenter and AWS network interconnection and other functions, to help enterprise business rapidly migrate to the cloud.

Customer Cases

  • 亚信科技
  • 上海丰饶网络工程有限公司
  • Txnetworks